Thursday, August 16, 2012

GIRLS: Charlie's Apartment

Did you guys watch the first season of Girls? I have to say, it's proven to be pretty polarizing here in the city in which the show takes place. Some people say it's completely unbelievable and the characters are unlikable and not at all relatable...others, like me, say these people are exactly like myself and my friends. It more than resonates with me, so I try not to take offense when people dislike the Girls. I think it paints a fairly realistic picture of life as a twenty-something when you are definitely nowhere near as fabulous as you think you should be at this point. I highly recommend you at least check it out. If anything, for the "breakout star" of the show: Charlie's Apartment. While Charlie's girlfriend, Marnie, found it a bit...claustrophobic in the end, it's probably the most endearing piece of set design I've ever seen. I know every twenty-something apartment-dweller secretly wished their own studio or bedroom looked a little more like this. Check it out!

The entryway. Love the idea of overlapping rugs. Image via LA at Home

The stained Piet Mondrian-esque built-in storage unit. Image via LA at Home
An enclosed bed with storage stairs leading to a lofted living area. Image via LA at Home

A wire boxspring used to hang pots and mugs in the kitchen. Image via LA at Home
The concept sketch for this amazing set piece. Image via LA at Home