Monday, May 7, 2012

Kate Spade: City Guides

I was beyond excited to find these Fathom for Kate Spade City Guides in my e-mail yesterday! I would by no means call myself a traveler, since I compare myself to my best friend who checks plane tickets to far away destinations before she even checks her e-mail each morning...or another who is zipping off to China for three entire weeks, just for fun...but I would certainly entertain the idea of planning a trip soon. There's been talk of Paris and Ireland, but these trips are getting bumped to next year because I have been enjoying my own little permanent vacation every day.

Anyway, these adorable, illustrated packing guides on Kate Spade make me infinitely happy. They have totally inspired me to spend more time illustrating things for this blog...So you can perhaps look forward to that! But for now, I insist you check out the rest of the City Guides, ASAP. Enjoy!

Tokyo Packing List via Kate Spade
London Packing List via Kate Spade
Los Angeles Packing List via Kate Spade
Tahiti Packing List via Kate Spade
New York City Packing List via Kate Spade

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movie Night: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Sunday dinner is a thing in our apartment, and I have to say, it's easily my favorite part of having roommates again. That sense of having a family, even if we annoy each other or disagree about things sometimes, is part of what has made moving here such a smooth transition. I couldn't have imagined living alone! And our Sunday dinners have normally been followed (and also preceded) by some serious work on the apartment in the form of painting, shelf-hanging, art placing, decision making and the occasional decorating tiff...but this week we took a break, sat on our beloved, extremely comfortable sectional and watched a movie. And the movie was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Two of my roommates read the book recently, so I tried my best not to annoy them with questions or audible reactions, but what can I say? I am pretty annoying to watch TV with. It's kind of a problem...But with the exception of that, most of the noise coming from that living room was the sound of TEARS. And sniffles. And more tears from all of us. In other words, this movie was sad, people. Very sad. It tells the story of Oskar Schell, a socially awkward and too-smart-for-his-own-good boy, living in Manhattan, and his struggle to come to accept to circumstances of his father's death in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th. I knew that it would be hard to watch this movie, no matter where you live, because that day certainly affected us all in a unique way...but to live in the city now and partially identify as a New Yorker, it really shook me up. I can't believe that more than ten years later, with how distant that memory feels to me now, how truly horrific and terrifying those events must have been to people walking to my right and left every single day. And to experience, through the film, the emotional effect that day had on the protagonist, his mother, and each stranger he met on his incredibly complex journey of discovery, it made me feel even more fiercely loyal to this magical place I now call home. It was beautifully shot, and I'm told the screenplay's adaptation did an even better job of creating a rounded arc for these characters than the book. I highly recommend the movie if you need a good cry. Just bring your tissues, and NOT your boyfriend, unless you're lucky enough to not be an ugly crier...I don't personally fare as well.

Oskar had an extremely close bond with his father, played by Tom Hanks

He struggles, throughout, with accepting and dealing with the events of 9/11

His search, throughout the movie, keeps the memory of his father close to him

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Derby Day

I'm off to the races today for a Cinco de DERBY party. There's nothing better than margaritas and mint juleps...but a belly full of bourbon and tequila could present a problem. We'll see how it goes! Happy Derby Day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Eye Candy

It's been kind of a dreary week, and having a quite a few long lunches in Bryant park in the month of April have made me very spoiled. But today the sun is shining, and it's Friday, and I hear there are early Cinco de Mayo margaritas happening in the office very soon... I love Spring. And I'm really not in a hurry toward a blazing hot New York Summer. So for today, some Spring-has-sprung eye candy for all of you. Have a very merry Friday!

Macaron Trinket Boxes from Ruche
Apricot Plaid Bow Tie by Forage
Mint Oxford Brogues by Goodbyefolk on Etsy (neeeeed these!)
Olivietti Typewriter "California Love" from TheAntikeyChop on Etsy
The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bubble Wrap

I am oddly intrigued by this Bubble Wrap vase from Anthropologie. At first I thought it was bizarre, but then super interesting and a cool conversation piece. I don't really love that price point, but that's because I spent less money on an entire couch last year. And my decorating rule of thumb is that accent pieces should never cost more than something you either sit or sleep on... What do you guys think?

Images via Anthro

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wining and Dining: Choco Bolo

Welcome to May, everyone! This is going to be a very exciting month for me because it will also be known as my Blogging Renaissance. I am back in a BIG way. least I'm planning a post for every single day of this month. It's what the real, dedicated bloggers do and I feel the need to prove to you all (but mostly myself) that I can still live my New York life and gallivant around Manhattan and work 50+ hours a week and also update regularly. So let me start by telling you about this charming little cafe that my roommate Meghan and I found on Sunday while we were en route from the 72nd street subway station to Bed, Bath & Beyond on the hunt for a trashcan. (More on that eventually, when I blog about our finished kitchen this week!)

Let me paint the picture of a New York Sunday for you. It was a sunny, spring day...definitely light jacket weather. I was walking through my favorite residential hood of Manhattan, near 72nd and Central Park West. This is the place I will live once I'm rich and successful... Or more likely when one of my roommates hits it big on Broadway, and let's me house sit and walk their dog. But I digress... It was a beautiful afternoon with no schedule and not a bit of rushing. We were headed out on an errand, but we also ducked in and out of a boutique that sells fancy bath bombs and we took a couple of laps through Century 21. And before all of that, we happened upon Choco Bolo (Upper West Side location), a beautiful little cafe that has exceptional food, tons of delicious vegetarian-friendly fare, and even serves Diet Coke in vintage-style glass bottles. I was in heaven. If I ever opened a cafe, I know it would look exactly like this one. Anyway, I snapped a few pics so you could see what I mean...It's all in the details.

To visit this location of Choco Bolo, stop by 2058 Broadway at 71st. I highly recommend the Caprese Salad Sandwich and the Nutella Croissant. MMmmm. So legit.

Dark laminate floors, rustic metal chairbacks, marble counter

Wood-grain patterned vinyl upholstery, mis-matched buttons, copper mirrored tables

Vintage ice cream dishes to hold coffee accoutrements, rusted spoon napkin holder
Thick, braided rope wrapped around pipes
Fantastic salvaged molding, used as built-ins
Fresh flowers in bud vases on every table, bottled sodas