Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wining and Dining: Choco Bolo

Welcome to May, everyone! This is going to be a very exciting month for me because it will also be known as my Blogging Renaissance. I am back in a BIG way. Or...at least I'm planning a post for every single day of this month. It's what the real, dedicated bloggers do and I feel the need to prove to you all (but mostly myself) that I can still live my New York life and gallivant around Manhattan and work 50+ hours a week and also update regularly. So let me start by telling you about this charming little cafe that my roommate Meghan and I found on Sunday while we were en route from the 72nd street subway station to Bed, Bath & Beyond on the hunt for a trashcan. (More on that eventually, when I blog about our finished kitchen this week!)

Let me paint the picture of a New York Sunday for you. It was a sunny, spring day...definitely light jacket weather. I was walking through my favorite residential hood of Manhattan, near 72nd and Central Park West. This is the place I will live once I'm rich and successful... Or more likely when one of my roommates hits it big on Broadway, and let's me house sit and walk their dog. But I digress... It was a beautiful afternoon with no schedule and not a bit of rushing. We were headed out on an errand, but we also ducked in and out of a boutique that sells fancy bath bombs and we took a couple of laps through Century 21. And before all of that, we happened upon Choco Bolo (Upper West Side location), a beautiful little cafe that has exceptional food, tons of delicious vegetarian-friendly fare, and even serves Diet Coke in vintage-style glass bottles. I was in heaven. If I ever opened a cafe, I know it would look exactly like this one. Anyway, I snapped a few pics so you could see what I mean...It's all in the details.

To visit this location of Choco Bolo, stop by 2058 Broadway at 71st. I highly recommend the Caprese Salad Sandwich and the Nutella Croissant. MMmmm. So legit.

Dark laminate floors, rustic metal chairbacks, marble counter

Wood-grain patterned vinyl upholstery, mis-matched buttons, copper mirrored tables

Vintage ice cream dishes to hold coffee accoutrements, rusted spoon napkin holder
Thick, braided rope wrapped around pipes
Fantastic salvaged molding, used as built-ins
Fresh flowers in bud vases on every table, bottled sodas

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