Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kate Spade Lookbook

Love, love, love these fall looks from Kate Spade.

{Images via the Kate Spade lookbook}

Ice, Ice, Baby

Q: How badly do I want these Martinez Valero shoes?
A: Words can't even begin to express it.

Q: Do I have any occasion in my foreseeable future to wear them or the $133.00 to buy them?
A: Not a chance.

What do you do when you find a shoe that is impractically perfect in every way? And how badly do I want to be the type of woman who really does have the perfect occasion to wear such a frivolous, bejeweled pump?

Le sigh. 

Though, it needs to be said that after starting my full-time design career, I finally got my first paycheck! And there's a comma in my bank account for the first time...ever!

Hembakat är Bäst...

...Or Homebaked is Best: An IKEA book that I am definitely going to have to pick up (if it's there!) on my trip this Saturday. It includes 30 recipes for homebaked items, photographed by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell. The ingredients are placed in a way I've never seen before, using increments in flour pyramids or tiny mounds of nutmeg, and placed in the most graphic arrangements possible. It really blows my mind, but also makes cooking (probably one of the messiest activities possible) look extremely neat and clean.

{Photos from the website of Carl Kleiner}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Designers Fall In Love...

These tattoos kind of make me want to marry a web designer. I got the CMYK side of things covered, people.

Designer Spotlight: Zara

Aren't these looks by Zara the most adorable kids' clothes you've ever seen in your life? They look like tiny hipsters, and I kind of want to put them in my pocket. 

{Photos via Zara Lookbook}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whimsical Walls

How amazing is this wallpaper by designer Lizzie Allen? It would make me feel like I was living between the pages of Madeline.

{Photos via Apartment Therapy}

A New Addition

Hello, my name is Jenna and I am a coat-a-holic. I have one for every color of the spectrum...and then some. And yesterday, while coat shopping at Target with Cate (who actually needed one for her new job!) temptation got the better of me. This chic little number came home with me...because believe it or not, I didn't have a brown coat yet.

It's water-resistant, perfect for the blustery fall weather that hit Columbus, Ohio this week, and Cate even got one in black! Only $49.95 too, and compared to the last jacket I bought, it was a steal!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Typing Production

I am loving this vintage ad for Royal typewriters. The tagline reads: "A woman's scarf: or how to boost typing production."

Would typing on this dream machine boost your productivity today, girls? It would probably work for me!

{Photo from katnip}

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Need Your Help!

So I need a favor from all of you readers! My design work has been entered into a competition by my lovely instructor/agent/design guru, Paul Nini. I need your votes to move on to the next round!

Here's how to vote:

1. Click on this link.
2. Log in, using the black tab at the right of the page (right alongside the scroll bar)
3. Connect using facebook. This is much faster than creating a username, getting e-mail confirmation, etc.
4. reclick on this link. This will take you back to my project so you won't have to fish through all 200 concepts.
5. Click "Applaud" which is located underneath Paul's picture.
6. Pat yourself on the back because good karma is doubled for people who help out struggling fresh-out-of-college designers!

Thanks a million for your help!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

She's a Brick House

I am loving the packaging for Red Brick beer, designer by 22 squared, that was featured a few days ago on Lovely Package. The typography and color palette are adorably kitschy. I think designing to highlight the fact that a product is local or homespun is a big challenge, but this packaging design makes it very clear that it's a locally brewed Southern product marketed as such. Check out Lovely Package for more photos! 

{Images from here}

Happy Campers

I fell in love with this Camp-themed birthday bash featured over at Socially Circled. I think coming up with stylish ideas for boy's birthday parties (that girls can equally enjoy) is a huge challenge, and this party nailed it! The kids wore "Camp Four" t-shirts, munched on trail mix and ants-on-a-log, and decorated bird houses at the Arts & Crafts table. Favors included hobo sticks with magnifying glasses and bug catching nets. Genius ideas, and the theme transcended actual camp and made for a fantastically activity-packed party!

{Images from Socially Circled: here, here and here}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spiral Cellars

I don't know if you guys use Stumble Upon, but it's a fantastic way to kill a few hours, so don't do it unless you have some time! Anyway, things about spiral wine cellars always come up in my stumbles, and these ones from Spiral Cellars in the UK are just so incredible, I had to share!

{Images from Spiral Cellars}

Besides the complete intrigue of having a real live hidden staircase "secret passageway" in your house, it oddly makes me think forward to a distant future where a new civilization will find these remnants of our lives and this very wine cellar will be the equivalent to the discovery of King Tutenkhamun's tomb...Oh how extravagant these modern day Brits are!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Isaac Mizrahi: Spring 2011

I am completely obsessed with the looks from Isaac Mizrahi's 2011 Spring Ready-To-Wear show. They are flirty, and feminine, but also inspired by menswear with those fantastic collars and structured shapes. I would wear every single piece in the collection, but I've pulled some of my favorites below. Enjoy!

{Images via NYMag}

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get Her Look: Margot Tenenbaum

I am pleased to announce a new Monday tradition here at Jenna Sais Quois; a Get Her Look post featuring some kind of movie character, actress, or person we deem note-worthy or stylish (ideally both). I am open to suggestions, so fire them at me! But to get the ball rolling, I have decided to kick this off with a character we all know and love...that blunt-bobbed, Berkin-toting, fingerless wonder: Margot Tenenbaum.

1. Nude Slip, 2. Fur Trenchcoat, 3. Retro Polo, 4. Vintage Ladies Gloves
Look for these basic pieces in your own closet or at consignment shops. Etsy also has a ton of great options!

1. Structured Brown Leather Handbag, 2. Aluminum Foil, 3. Ciggies, 4. Vintage Goody Barrettes, from Rosebud Cottage on Etsy 5. Brown Leather Loafers

1. Essie Nailpolish in "Nude Attitude," 2. Chi Ceramic Flatiron, 3. Natural Lip Color, 4. Clinique Quickliner in "Really Black," 5. False Eyelashes

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreamy Hamptons Kitchen

This beautiful seaside kitchen is awe-inspiring. I love when white elements are paired with dark, rustic wood. The balance is perfectly achieved. And I am a big fan of subway tile backsplashes, but combining the larger blue tile with smaller areas of the tiny white tiles creates even more visual interest. All in all, a fantastic family-friendly kitchen! 

{Photos from The Kitchen Designer}

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2011

I am completely dying over Marc by Marc Jacobs' Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection. It is absolute perfection, and can I please say for the thousandth time that I am so happy that the retro-prep look is in right now? I just wish it would stay forever...because we already know it will stay on me forever.

{Photos from NY Mag}

Frankly, it would just make shopping so much easier...