Thursday, March 31, 2011

JSQ Lookbook: Edgy Feminine

For today's JSQ Lookbook post, I have combined soft, girly materials with hard, structured ones. Pairing feminine with masculine is a technique that always ends up looking really cool and interesting. Here are some items I'd pair together to achieve this look:

1 Shady Lane Dress from Madwell 
2 Original Wayfarer Sunglass by Ray Ban 
3  Motorcycle Jacket by Alexander Wang 
4  Linen Clutch with Black Trim from The Limited 
5  Mossimo Purvi Caged Sandals from Target 

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Match My Blog

Wow! I am loving these necklaces from Etsy, featuring bunting flags. They look exactly like my blog header...I think I might buy the colorful one. It's just too perfect to pass up!

Photo via The Polka-Dot Magpie on Etsy

For You, Mom

It must really pay to have a child who is a graphic designer by trade...My mother, a high school teacher in Howland Township, Ohio, is in charge of organizing the Prom. She enlisted my help on the ticket, and I figured roughly 10 hours of labor is payment enough for me. So this one's for you, Susan! As you can see, I gave it a little Jenna Sais Quois ribbon twist as well. It's kind of my signature at this point...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

L'Amour List: Laura

Today's L'Amour List features a lovely lady I've known for quite a while now, both personally and professionally, Laura Sanders. She wears many hats, but two of her main ones are ultura-talented graphic designer/illustrator and hilarious stand-up comedienne! She is currently living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and freelancing. To check out her portfolio or blog, click the links.  Now, enjoy some of Laura's very favorite things!

1  Big, chunky necklaces. This, as many are, was a gift from her mom.
2  Chubby animals are by far her favorite thing to doodle.
3  Tossing up/catching an apple is a very satisfying sound // photo
4  Editorial design is her favorite, and she thinks Wired magazine consistently looks bad ass // photo
5  She calls this her "Matisse Dress," an amazing find from T.J. Maxx a few years ago
6  She puts cinnamon on too many foods. She highly recommends cinnamon on Kix cereal // photo
7  "Born Standing Up" by Steve Martin really wowed her
8  Paul F. Tompkins is hilarious. Listen to him now!
9  She's learning to fence! This is where she practices/where her first tournament will be // photo by David S. Lewis
10  Alphonse Mucha's artwork is stunning. She wants to be a Mucha girl when she grows up // photo

So those are some of Laura's favorite things! I hope you've enjoyed them. See the entire series of L'Amour Lists here!  

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Effortlessly Cool

I  am in love with this outfit via Pinterest from the blog Atlantic-Pacific. I am definitely going to try to recreate this outfit with a JSQ Lookbook post ASAP, but she's got something that can't be bought...she's got a cool factor. You can buy fashion, but genuine style is priceless.

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Photo via Atlantic-Pacific

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JSQ Lookbook: Spring Sundress

Wow, it's been a really crazy couple of days at work, and I'm glad to be back to blogging! I have put together a JSQ Lookbook post with this beautiful peachy dress from J. Crew. This neutral palette is so lovely, and works beautifully with muted gold accessories. Eyelet fabric is so perfectly feminine and sweet. Here's how I'd style the dress:

1  Delaney Eyelet Dress from J. Crew in "Copper Dust"
2  Colstrip Necklace in "Peach"
3  Stitched & Studded Belt from Anthropologie
4  Dorosili Market Handbag from Aldo
5  Golden Grove Sandals from Anthropologie

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Elizabeth Taylor

In honor of the beautiful lady with the violet eyes, I am happy to bring you today's cocktail, the Elizabeth Taylor. This champagne cocktail is simple to mix, just a little bubbly with some Creme de Violette, which gives it a beautiful purple color. And oh-so-glam, just like it's namesake. So, this weekend, I suggest you rent a few of the classics, mix up an Elizabeth Taylor champagne cocktail, and toast to a lady more glamorous than any of us could ever hope to be. Cheers!

JSQ Note: This recipe was adapted from the Hotel DeLuxe recipe here

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

I know we had an unexpected and certainly unwelcome cold front today, but I am patient enough to realize the sun will be back soon. And this adorable Kate Spade hat gives me hope that it's on its way.

Inspiring Interior

I love this cheery decor featured on Desire to Inspire, designed by Chele McKee of Los Angeles. The color palette is perfect. I love the cool wall colors paired with the warm woods in the floor and other accents. This is definitely inspiring.

All photos via Desire to Inspire

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

L'Amour List: Sean

It's Wednesday, and I have an extra special L'Amour List for you today! I am proud to feature a wonderful guy, dear friend, and talented stage actor...Sean R. Jones. He also recently started a photo-a-day blog you should definitely check out! I have really enjoyed catching a glimpse into Sean's mind through his list, and I hope you will too.

1  Neckties: He sees one he likes, he buys it.  It's a problem.
2  Cadbury Mini Eggs: He waits all year for them. His favorite candy.
3  The Columbus Zoo: He never took advantage of this place while he lived in Columbus. Now, he counts down the days until I can go back to his happiest place on earth // Original photo
4  His bedroom is incomplete without an Henri Bendel Firewood Candle
5  Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. So clean and classic.
6  Empty stages: They put him in a trance. The possibilities are endless.
7  His unhealthy celebrity obsession: Tina Fey
8  On the Byas: Simple, attractive, affordable clothing line that he's in love with.
9  He was never a beer person until Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale 
10  Board Games: This collector's edition Scrabble board from Restoration Hardware is on his wish list.

Well, there you have it folks, Sean's L'Amour List! Would you like to share some of the things you love? If you're interested in having your own list, or promoting your blog or etsy shop, leave a comment below and you could be next Week's featured L'Amour Lister!

In Memorium

I am so incredibly sad about the death of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor today. I have loved so many of her movies, my favorites including "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," "Life with Father," "BUtterfield 8," and "Cleopatra." She was truly one of the most beautiful women in the entire world.

Bathing Beauties

How amazing is this photograph? I mean, words can barely describe it! Every one of these women is so fully decked in fabulous beach attire, complete with hair and lipstick. I can promise none of these ladies went swimming that day...and those shoes. I'm in love.

Photo via Pinterest

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adios LA

I am loving this project by formerly LA-based artist Jon Jackson. He decided to move to New York City, and instead of just going quietly, he purchased billboard space in five major locations to announce his big "breakup" to the world. Amazing idea, amazing graphics, and amazing marketing...Go, Jon.

All images via Adios LA

JSQ Lookbook: June Wedding

I am having way too much fun putting these together! Bear with me, because there will probably be a bazillion of them. I always have different outfits constantly assembling themselves in my brain like I'm solving the rubik's cube...It feels awesome to get them out there into cyberspace. Today's JSQ Lookbook post is for a dress I bought on Saturday from Target for only $30.00. Amazing, right? I think it's perfect to wear to a Summer wedding because you want to look chic, but for me black is a no for afternoon. And while I don't wear lipstick every day, to a wedding, it's a must. This pink with a hint of coral looks perfect with the color of the dress.

1  Mossimo sateen dress "Blue Ocean" // Target
2  Reena's Austrian Crystal clipons
Different Lipstick in "Ripe Raisin" // Clinique
4  Stone Bow clutch // Banana Republic
5  Karlisle Silver pumps // Badgley Mischka

Monday, March 21, 2011

JSQ Lookbook

I feel like I am really going to enjoy these JSQ Lookbook posts. Ever since I made one this afternoon, I have been thinking about what to do next. I decided to put together a look for this Madewell dress that Cate bought on Saturday...this dress is just so beautiful, versatile, and classic. I decided to put together this look for a summery afternoon picnic or some delightful walk tither and thither. Also, I am a sucker for a bangle pushed up on the forearm. What do you think?

1  Fernwood Croquet Dress // Madewell
2  Wayfarer Sunglasses // Ray-Ban
3  Layered Blocks bracelet // Forever 21
4  Patent Leather elastic belt
5  Merona striped tote // Target
6  Air Olivia woven cap toe // Cole Haan

JSQ Lookbook

This weekend, I did a little credit card damage at Madewell...again. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores, and I usually wait until the sale items are an additional 25% off before I can even think of buying any of it. But it is just so perfect. And one of my purchases, this olive green dress, has inspired what I hope will be the first in a series of JSQ Lookbook posts. I am really into styling pieces, and accessorizing, and I figured this unusual dress is the perfect place to start. So, here's how I'd wear it, with some high and low end pieces mixed in: 

1  Chiffon Flapper Dress in "fresh moss" // Madewell
Sichuan Silk Twill scarf, 36" // Hermes
3  Merona "Marled Edge" Floppy Hat // Target
4 Wide Leatherette Belt // Forever 21
5  Boehl wood bracelet // Aldo
6  The canvas boardwalk brogues // Madewell

I tend to put together outfits in my head like I'm wearing a costume. While wearing this, I'd be going to a garden party on Jay Gatsby's lawn in the dog days of summer.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Emerald Isle

Top o' the mornin' (er...Happy Hour?) to ya! It's St. Patrick's Day, which is a holiday befitting of a great cocktail if I've ever heard of one! I have decided to move my usual Friday Cocktail Hour post to today! I have decided to feature a Creme de Menthe favorite, the Emerald Isle. This martini-esque cocktail is green, minty, and garnished with a four leaf clover, if you have the luck of the Irish...If you can't find one, well then keep searching for the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow...Cheers!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

L'Amour List: Kelley

Better late than never! Here is today's L'Amour List, featuring the lovely, intelligent, and very continental Kelley, of the blog Ma Belle Vie. She is a lovely Expatriate from Cleveland, Ohio, living in Luxembourg. Here are some of her favorite things, all the way from Europe!

1  Scarves. French women have turned wearing scarves into an art that she is  constantly trying to emulate.
2  Cézanne // photo
3  Chimichangas. She misses Mexican food like it's nobody's business over here, and chimichangas are her favorite!
Vintage Coats. Her collection is growing at an embarrassingly fast rate. Her favorite, she got haggling with a vendor on the side of a canal in Amsterdam.
5  Old typewriters // photo
6  Exploring the Unknown // original photo
Pineau des Charantes, a sweet liquor from the region where she lived in France, made with cognac. A perfect way to start your meal.
8  French cookware // photo
9  Street Art
10  Beards 

And there you have it folks, Kelley's lovely L'Amour List! Would you like to share some of the things you love?

If you're interested in having your own list, or promoting your blog or etsy shop, leave a comment below and you could be next Week's featured L'Amour Lister!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Industrial Design

I love this DIY for a hex nut bracelet from Honestly...WTF,  recommended to me by my coworker, Dennis. It looks easy and fun to make! What do you guys think?

Images via Honestly...WTF

Working for the Weekend

This is what I did last Saturday afternoon.

The weather was beautiful, we had just eaten the most delicious Indian food in Columbus, OH, and then we found this playground. I can't wait until Spring is here every day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Hurricane

In honor of Mardi Gras this week, I wanted to feature a New Orleans classic cocktail, The Hurricane. Have any of you ever tasted one of these? Bonus points if you've had one on the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana! But those of you who have tried it know the truth about these drinks...You only need one. They taste delicious, festive and fruity, but they pack a major punch with 6 different kinds of liquor. Always drink responsibly. Cheers!

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Artist Spotlight: Todd McLellan

I am loving the work of artist Todd McLellan. His Motion/Stills images are breathtaking in two very different ways. This series shows images of mechanical objects exploding, paired with images of the same objects' parts meticulously arranged. It's kind of like the dream of every child who wanted to know how things worked and solved that quandary by taking them apart.

Photos via Todd McLellan's website

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hipster Babies: Zara Strikes Again

I am continually obsessed with looking at the ZARA lookbook. I've blogged about her before here, back in September. She designs and styles the most adorable outfits for kids that turn them in to teeny little pocket-sized hipsters. These are some of my favorite looks from the month of February. What do you think? Would your kids wear Zara?

All images from the Zara website

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

L'Amour List: Jeff

It's Wednesday, and I have an extra special L'Amour List for you today! I am excited to change it up a little, and feature a fantastic menswear blogger, Jeff of Kansas City, Missouri and co-author of The Midwestyle blog! You should check out this fantastic collaborative style blog ASAP. Those gents really know what's up... Jeff is a connoisseur of combining thrifted pieces with high-end classics, and I really love his take on mens' style. Check out some of Jeff's favorite things below!

1  Baldwin Denim, "The Henley." The best quality and fitting pair of denim he's ever owned. Made in the USA. 

2  Red Wing Boots. Made in the USA, and his go-to boot for winter.

3  Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone Case. This iPhone case provides that pop of color that most males seem to lack in their wardrobe & accessories.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter & Co. This is what he asked for in his Christmas stocking, and it's the best thing you'll taste this year.

5   Boulevard Brewing Company Pale Ale. Kansas City's finest, and Jeff's favorite.

Filson Tote, without zipper. This is Jeff's everyday bag. It's also a great bag for the man who isn't ready to take the plunge into owning a bag other than his Northface backpack he used in college.

Patagoina Synchilla Pullover. Looks great with a t-shirt, over an oxford or wadded up as a pillow for desperate measures.

Pilot G-2 0.38 pen. The best pen you will ever own. It's like writing with a needle.

9  His Rifle Tie Bar. A great find at an antique mall in the middle of nowhere, Missouri that always gets a double take.

10  Manhood For Amateurs. One of his favorite pieces of work that reflects on the trials and humor in becoming a man, being a son and having a father.

So those are some of Jeff's favorite things! I hope you've enjoyed them. Check out more at The Midwestyle.  

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carolina Herrera Resort

I am so in love with some of these light, breezy pieces from Carolina Herrera's 2011 Resort Collection. Carolina is one of my favorite designers, because her pieces are wearable, classic, and often inspired by decades gone by...Decades where the style was quite a bit more polished. I love the color palette and variety of this collection. What do you think?

Images via The Cut

Monday, March 7, 2011

Seven Degrees of Sunnies

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for a billion reasons. They block harmful UV rays from your precious peepers and prevent crows-feet from all that summer squinting. Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe even said they are your "Ultimate Do-Not-Disturb" sign. But for the happily un-famous folks not fleeing from paparazzi, sunglasses most importantly allow us to transform our entire look in as much time as it takes to slide them on! They're like putting on an instant costume! And the more variety you have, the more you can change it up from day to day, whether it's Audrey Hepburn or Penny Lane...So without further ado, The 7 Essential Must-Have Sunglasses.

1  Colorful, Summer Sunnies
These slightly retro shades are perfect for a beach vacation or just a drive with the top down // Buy them here

2 Hollywood Glamor Glasses
This subtly cat-eyed pair are are ideal for sitting by the pool in a floppy hat and a retro bathing suit, sipping a lemonade...or this! // Buy them here

3 Classic Ray Bans
Or in this case, similar look, but a fraction of the price! These glasses are perfectly dark, for those ultra bright days // Buy them here

4 Flirty Frames
These nude frames look great on any skin-tone, have a fun gradation of color, and add a touch of romance to your summer look // Buy them here

5 Tortoise Shell Shades
Tortoise Shell sunglasses are a Must-Have Item in my opinion. They are classically cool, and go with everything // Buy them here

6 Aviators!
These are just effortlessly cool. Wear them with long, messy hair, and you're bohemian. Wear them with a ponytail and it's simple, utilitarian glamor. And they are so lightweight, you barely feel like you're wearing sunglasses at all // Buy them here

7 1970's Inspired Specs
I firmly believe that every woman should have a truly enormous pair of sunglasses. But when you go 70s-chic, you can get away with it without being too obnoxious. And, these gold frames go perfect with a tan... // Buy them here

All of these glasses are from Forever 21, for only $5.80 each! I highly recommend buying sunglasses on the cheap, because they are really easy to lose, scratch, or accidentally sit on...I start my summer with quite a few more than I end with, but at this price, I have zero guilt.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Lime Collins

This week's cocktail is one I had never tried before Wednesday at Bodega. When we heard that the local-to-Columbus Watershed Distillery was offering a special, we had to check it out. It certainly did not disappoint and they were kind enough to let us sample Watershed vodka and gin on the house. It was delightful! So as a thank you to them, I will feature the cocktail they made for me, the Lime Vodka Collins. And if you are in the Columbus area, I highly recommend supporting local businesses, so check out Watershed Distillery today!

Got an idea for a great cocktail recipe? Leave a comment below, and it might be featured here!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Red Carpet Finale

Well, it appears that with the climax of awards season, The Oscrs, this brings my Jenna Sais Quois Red Carpet Awards to a close as well. But I'm not going down without an ultra-pumped-up rendition of my award posts. I didn't seem to hate the red carpet looks as much as other people, and frankly, thought most of these ladies looked fabulous. There were plenty of great dresses in the middle-ground (Including Cate Blanchett's lavender Givenchy, which I actually did like). And a few that were...downright misses. See who was the best and worst below, and don't forget to check out my thoughts on the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Grammy's as well!

I will start off with my actual #1 pick for Best Dressed of the evening. And not because I majorly loved True Grit. Hailee Steinfeld just looked perfect from headband to toe. She was classic, feminine, age-appropriate and poised in this soft, pink Marchesa. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. She's Cinderella.

I think Scartlet Johannson looked like she got out of bed, glanced at her watch and thought, "Oh shoot, I guess it's time to go to the Oscars...Good thing I have this horrendous Dolce & Gabbana evening dress in my closet." Don't get me wrong, the back was a little hot... But everything else was a hot mess. Worst Dressed of the night.

I knew somebody would have to have snatched up an Oscar gown from Elie Saab's spectacular collection I blogged about here. I am just so happy it was Mila Kunis, who has really been a red carpet Best Dressed all-star this season. The dress is feminine, sexy, and she is styled perfectly. She is every bit the Oscar-Nominated actress.

I'm really just not sure why Worst Dressed nominee Nicole Kidman selected this sculptural Christian Dior dress for the Oscars. It does nothing for her shape, or skin tone. It kind of looks like a dated wedding gown from the early 1990's. And her hair? I get it, you love Keith Urban, but I wouldn't recommend getting hair tips from him...Better luck next year, Nicole.

Nude illusion, champagne colored gowns had a BIG moment this year, but my favorite of all of them has to be the Best Dressed Mandy Moore in this stunningly detailed Monique Lhuillier gown. In addition, I'm loving her coral-red lips, the sleek hair, and her big, classic earrings. She looks fabulous.

Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I've said time and time again that Amy Adams is a very one-note actress. But my criticism of her fashion choices honestly has nothing to do with that. She's simply Worst Dressed in this navy blue, sequined column gown by L'wren Scott. It's not the dress, but the styling. I don't like the loose hair with the gown, and that 1.3 Million dollars worth of Cartier jewelry is just weighing her down even more.

From what I've seen of Jennifer Lawrence, she is really hit or miss. This one just happened to be such a hit that it landed her on my Best Dressed list. This simple Calvin Klein Collection gown fits her like a Baywatch bathing suit. Honestly, she just looks stunning. And I would kill for that body, also...

Jennifer Hudson found her way onto my Worst Dressed list in this Atelier Versace gown because there is just something very weird happening with her decolletage, if you will. I think her body looks gorgeous, but she keeps highlighting her cleavage in every red carpet look, and it's just looking...deflated? Focus our attention elsewhere, Jennifer. The color is gorgeous though.

It was nearly impossible to find a picture of Camila Alves without Matthew McConaughey on her arm, but she was absolutely a Best Dressed nominee in this stunningly cut dress by Kaufman Franco. It fits perfectly, and I love the shape of the full skirt. If you're going to wear black, let it be like this! Her hair, makeup, and jewelry was also classically flawless. 

Finally, we have the always gorgeous Penelope Cruz, who literally just had a baby a month ago...I have no idea how these celebs do it. In this situation, she is Worst Dressed because I really, truly feel like this gown by L'Wren Scott is tacky. It kind of looks like something I'd imagine an Italian call-girl, with a martini in her fist, would wear to accompany some John to a business dinner...But hey, she was there to support her husband who was a nominee, so I give her props.

And there you have it, folks. My Red Carpet Wrap-Up for 2011. Do you agree with my choices, or think I've left anyone out that looked absolutely smashing? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!