Thursday, March 31, 2011

For You, Mom

It must really pay to have a child who is a graphic designer by trade...My mother, a high school teacher in Howland Township, Ohio, is in charge of organizing the Prom. She enlisted my help on the ticket, and I figured roughly 10 hours of labor is payment enough for me. So this one's for you, Susan! As you can see, I gave it a little Jenna Sais Quois ribbon twist as well. It's kind of my signature at this point...


  1. That is AWESOME :-)

    Yes, one thing I wish I knew how to do is design! *sigh*... One day, when I'm big :P

    Much love, Vanilla Blonde

  2. Looks good JB! And why do they get to have it at Divieste's?? Sooo jealous! I can almost taste those amazing potatoes just thinking about them...!