Thursday, March 3, 2011

Red Carpet Finale

Well, it appears that with the climax of awards season, The Oscrs, this brings my Jenna Sais Quois Red Carpet Awards to a close as well. But I'm not going down without an ultra-pumped-up rendition of my award posts. I didn't seem to hate the red carpet looks as much as other people, and frankly, thought most of these ladies looked fabulous. There were plenty of great dresses in the middle-ground (Including Cate Blanchett's lavender Givenchy, which I actually did like). And a few that were...downright misses. See who was the best and worst below, and don't forget to check out my thoughts on the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Grammy's as well!

I will start off with my actual #1 pick for Best Dressed of the evening. And not because I majorly loved True Grit. Hailee Steinfeld just looked perfect from headband to toe. She was classic, feminine, age-appropriate and poised in this soft, pink Marchesa. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. She's Cinderella.

I think Scartlet Johannson looked like she got out of bed, glanced at her watch and thought, "Oh shoot, I guess it's time to go to the Oscars...Good thing I have this horrendous Dolce & Gabbana evening dress in my closet." Don't get me wrong, the back was a little hot... But everything else was a hot mess. Worst Dressed of the night.

I knew somebody would have to have snatched up an Oscar gown from Elie Saab's spectacular collection I blogged about here. I am just so happy it was Mila Kunis, who has really been a red carpet Best Dressed all-star this season. The dress is feminine, sexy, and she is styled perfectly. She is every bit the Oscar-Nominated actress.

I'm really just not sure why Worst Dressed nominee Nicole Kidman selected this sculptural Christian Dior dress for the Oscars. It does nothing for her shape, or skin tone. It kind of looks like a dated wedding gown from the early 1990's. And her hair? I get it, you love Keith Urban, but I wouldn't recommend getting hair tips from him...Better luck next year, Nicole.

Nude illusion, champagne colored gowns had a BIG moment this year, but my favorite of all of them has to be the Best Dressed Mandy Moore in this stunningly detailed Monique Lhuillier gown. In addition, I'm loving her coral-red lips, the sleek hair, and her big, classic earrings. She looks fabulous.

Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I've said time and time again that Amy Adams is a very one-note actress. But my criticism of her fashion choices honestly has nothing to do with that. She's simply Worst Dressed in this navy blue, sequined column gown by L'wren Scott. It's not the dress, but the styling. I don't like the loose hair with the gown, and that 1.3 Million dollars worth of Cartier jewelry is just weighing her down even more.

From what I've seen of Jennifer Lawrence, she is really hit or miss. This one just happened to be such a hit that it landed her on my Best Dressed list. This simple Calvin Klein Collection gown fits her like a Baywatch bathing suit. Honestly, she just looks stunning. And I would kill for that body, also...

Jennifer Hudson found her way onto my Worst Dressed list in this Atelier Versace gown because there is just something very weird happening with her decolletage, if you will. I think her body looks gorgeous, but she keeps highlighting her cleavage in every red carpet look, and it's just looking...deflated? Focus our attention elsewhere, Jennifer. The color is gorgeous though.

It was nearly impossible to find a picture of Camila Alves without Matthew McConaughey on her arm, but she was absolutely a Best Dressed nominee in this stunningly cut dress by Kaufman Franco. It fits perfectly, and I love the shape of the full skirt. If you're going to wear black, let it be like this! Her hair, makeup, and jewelry was also classically flawless. 

Finally, we have the always gorgeous Penelope Cruz, who literally just had a baby a month ago...I have no idea how these celebs do it. In this situation, she is Worst Dressed because I really, truly feel like this gown by L'Wren Scott is tacky. It kind of looks like something I'd imagine an Italian call-girl, with a martini in her fist, would wear to accompany some John to a business dinner...But hey, she was there to support her husband who was a nominee, so I give her props.

And there you have it, folks. My Red Carpet Wrap-Up for 2011. Do you agree with my choices, or think I've left anyone out that looked absolutely smashing? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. I knooow, right! She is a young Pamela Anderson, running on the beach...but in an evening dress at the Acadamy Awards. AND she looks great.

  2. you have SO hit the nail with your first choice being Hailee, what a doll she is!!! picture perfect beauty, ah to be THAT young again and face the world with glowing naturalness that doesn't take mounds of make-up to up keep ; )

    absolutely adored the gorgeous Cate, she can never do wrong in my eyes and is the closest thing we've got to old-style celebrity cool status!

    meh - Scarlet jo-ho, i have seen her look better...gotta say. my personal faves were Sandra Bullock (my secret muse) and Helen Mirren, who is like the sexiest slightly older lady in the world!

    fab post and thanks so very much for your comments, um...that skirt, it's a dress from Urban Outfitters. i commented back but didn't know if you'd see it. thanks girl! xo ♥

  3. Lynn, I agree with you. Sandra Bullock looked awesome! I think I just got overwhelmed with how many red dresses were on the carpet this year! But yes, she is such a classy lady. I didn't see Helen Mirren, but I seriously love her so much. I'm going to go look that up now!

    Thanks for your comments! Love it!