Saturday, February 5, 2011

SAG Situation

Okay, folks, since I had so much fun with my first Red Carpet Awards, I have decided to bring them back for the 2011 SAG Awards. Though, I was less enthusiastic about this red carpet in general, there were some definite stand-out celebs, in the best and worst ways. Thus, I bring you, round two of the Jenna Sais Quois Red Carpet Awards.

January Jones is my first pick for Best Dressed, and not because I felt guilty about putting her in the opposite category last time around. She just got it so right this time. Her dress is beautiful, her makeup is smashing, and her hair is indicative of the retro screen siren she plays on screen, and effervesces in life.

Amy Adams is my first pick for Worst Dressed, and it has everything to do with how this dress fits her body...I know she just had a baby but you have to consider the fit when picking your dress, and in this skin-tight bandage dress, she is all hips...Sorry, Amy. Try another silhouette next time!

Now onto a star who's dress fit beautifully, Amber Riley is my second pick for Best Dressed, and I am loving her in this dress. She embraces her figure and balances her shape with a full mermaid silhouette, and a sleek straight bang. Not to mention the poise and confidence that is radiating from within. Perfection!

Continuing the Glee portion of these awards, Diana Agron is definitely on the Worst Dressed list. She looks absolutely gorgeous with her smoky eyes, and sleek hair, but that vintage Chanel dress is a bizarre mix between full and cocktail length gowns. Also her accessories are nowhere to be found, which makes this feel a bit like she's going to the Homecoming Dance...

I am giving Lea Michele a Best Dressed award because this is her best red carpet look to date in my opinion. It softens her diva-attitude and gives her kind of a feminine, demure quality that I needed to see. She styled it perfectly, her hair is soft and pretty, and I love that thin belt. Clearly she meant business at the SAG Awards.

Jennifer Lawrence...Dont really know what movie/show you are from, but I won't soon forget this Worst Dressed look...the color, the material, the black accents, they all scream bad dance costume. And what fashion designer even made this dress? One of the rejects from the first two or three epsiodes of Project's just not right. Oh no.

Anyway, Sean Jones, wherever you are, I want to know your thoughts! Hit me with a comment!


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