Friday, February 18, 2011

Cocktail Hour: Dirty Shirley

This adults-only spin on a childhood classic is so much fun. It tastes great, looks cute, and who doesn't love maraschino cherries? I was inspired by a favorite Columbus restaurant, Surly Girl Saloon, Wednesday night when I ordered their variation called the Surley Temple. It uses Faygo Red Pop instead of grenadine! My recipe is the old classic, but with a vodka kick. Cheers!

You can purchase those adorable red and white striped straws right here. They would be perfect for making any party or event extra festive.

Looking for a Bloody Mary or Berry Kiss (bramble) recipe? Check out my other Cocktail Hour posts!

Got an idea for a cocktail that would be perfect for spring? Feel free to post suggestions here! 


  1. I've just discovered your blog! It's fantastic!
    Can't wait to try this cocktail :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Bailey! Let me know how the cocktail turns out!

  3. Wow this is such a lovely design!
    And I love your blog!
    Thank you very much for a lot of great info!

  4. Yum! I'll be making these for my BFF who will be visiting from out of town this weekend. Please fill me in on what program you use to present your pictures. Its so clean and I love the bunting. It would be perfect for my crafty mom

  5. I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

    Keep up the good work :) from TheStillery, a stuart bar in Florida