Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good Old-Fashioned Romance

I never considered myself a hopeless romantic, but I watch way too many old movies to be anything else. It never occurred to me that this was completely skewing my mind to what modern romance was like. I realized yesterday, on Valentine's Day, that no matter how and when I find the man of my dreams, he won't be able to dance like Gene Kelly or sing like Frank Sinatra. He won't chase after me on a train, or kiss me in the Times Square wearing a sailor's uniform, or strike up the band to play our song. And our song will most definitely not be Time After Time, or You Belong To Me, or any of those wonderful songs my grandparents danced to.

Nobody ever threw rocks at my window, because they could just call my cellphone. Nobody ever wrote me a love letter, because they could just send me an e-mail. But, as God is my witness, when I really do fall in love, it may not look quite like this to everyone else, but these photos are how it will look to me. And we will still get to dance like crazy to this, so modern life does have it's perks...

Boy and Girl // photo
Falling in Love // photo
Men with Moves // photo
Now That's a Major Kiss // photo
Cut the Cake // photo
One Big Happy Family // Photo
Happily Ever After // photo


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