Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Think of Spring

We had a stretch of absolutely gorgeous weather. Three days of it, or maybe even more. All the unhappiness in the world (er...Columbus, Ohio) melted away. And then the hail, sleet, rain, and ice came back with a vengeance. And that is where we landed today. Thus, I bring you several Springtime images I've pinned on Pinterest (follow me here) that make me close my eyes and remember what it was like to feel the sunshine on my face. Come back soon, Spring?

balloons and beehives // here
flowers and fireflies // here
limes and lemonade stands // here
flower petals and fondant // here
stems and starkness // here
glassware and gradients // here
pastels and passion // here


  1. Awww these photos are GORGEOUS!!!
    I just got my SLR camera... one day I'd like to take photos just like them :-)

  2. Thanks, Bailey!
    I have my Dad's old SLR, but I'm still trying to get the knack for photography! I'm great at spotting pretty photography though...if that's really a skill.

  3. oooh these are so lovely and bright!

  4. Hi Jenna, I was just noticing you used the glass bottles shot from my blog, so glad you liked it too. Then I got lost in your blog, it's totally great. Love your fashion posts!