Monday, February 28, 2011

Autumn and Winter Wrap Up

One of my favorite new readers, Bailey posted a comment that I loved so much that I decided to dedicate an Ask Jenna Sais Quois post to it! So I decided to sum up some of my favorite Autumn and Winter trends for her! Check them out below, and let me know if there are any I've missed!

1 Chunky knits in rich colors or basic black 
2 Classic Ray Ban sunglasses
3 The "infinity scarf" had a big moment in 2011
4 The faux fur collar, on many different types of jackets
5 Military inspired pieces, including outerwear
6 A classic, structured handbag with metal details

7 Leather gloves to add a pop of color   
8 The cardigan, whether feminine and detailed, or boyish and basic
9 Chanel nailpolish in any of these colors
10 The flirty, flouncy high-waisted skirt
11 Brown oxfords (with black tights)
Brown with black was a huge trend this Autumn and Winter
12 Classic round-toe pumps, patent leather
13 Tall riding boots
14 Black suede "slouchy" booties worn with tights, or skinny jeans


  1. just found your blog through the rockstar diaries.
    everything in this post is something i would have picked out- love love love!
    PS LOVE your blog name, so clever!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I am so INCREDIBLY HONORED! YAY!! *does a little happy dance*.......Ahem......
    Thank you for this! I am so excited for Autumn and Winter now. This list is fantastic!
    I love the chunky knit hats, the coats, those skirts are gorgeous!
    :-) THANK YOU X

  3. awesome! I love those colors you have featured too. It just makes the drabness of winter so much more fun when you have a little punch of something unexpected!

  4. Bailey, no problem at all! You totally inspired me with your question, so thank YOU! I had a blast compiling it.

    Melisande, Thanks so much for stopping by! You are too sweet! I am excited to check out more of your blog too.

    And miss Kelley, don't try to get out of being one of my L'Amour Listers! I want to get out of the US (and Columbus...), and travel abroad one of these weeks!