Wednesday, February 23, 2011

L'Amour List: Libby

Hello, everyone! It's Wednesday, and that means another L'Amour List! This week I am featuring Libby, a Columbus-based graphic design student, lovely coworker of mine, Etsy Shop owner, and easily the most stylish person I know. I knew she'd be perfect for a L'Amour List, so here are a few things that Libby loves most!

1 Her vintage yellow bow heels

2 Her growing globe collection

3 Trying to recreate this perfect rainy day outfit

4 Vintage Pyrex- it's so pretty! // photo

5 Thrifting for her etsy shop, Follow Me Moon (except she ends up keeping some of it for herself..)

6 These girls' hair // photo

7 This article from Matchbook // page 38

8 & 9 Investing in classic pieces like this Burberry Trench or these nude Louboutins

10 Lauren Moffatt's Spring Collection // photos

And there you have it folks, Libby's fabulously tasteful L'Amour List! Would you like to share some of the things you love? If you're interested in having your own list, or promoting your blog, leave a comment below and you could be next Week's featured L'Amour Lister!


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