Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh My Grammys!

I have been having a lot of fun with the Jenna Sais Quois Red Carpet Awards this Winter. Check out my take on the Golden Globes and Sag Awards. And of course, the 2011 Grammy's did not disappoint! While there were some really amazing looks, and quite a few perfectly adequate ones, the Grammys were definitely about taking a risk...and well, some weren't as rewarding as others. See for yourselves!

Jennifer Lopez is my first pick for Best Dressed in this silver Pucci minidress. I love everything about this look, but especially those long extensions. She's still got it, and she's definitely working with it.

Kim Kardashian is definitely a Worst Dressed pick for me because I feel like for someone so beautiful, she really isn't doing very well on the red carpet. This Kaufman Franco dress is kind of shapeless, unflattering, and really just something we've seen again and again. Change it up, Kim!

Keri Hilson, a Best Dressed nominee, looked absolutely polished and chic on the red carpet in this Basil Soda Couture dress. I am in love with the drama of the neckline, paired with the structure of her asymmetrical hair. It's just perfection.

I am really confused by Worst Dressed nominee, Hayley Williams' red carpet look. Sequins, maribou, and see-through netting all in one dress? That is quite the feat by designer Jeremy Williams. Not to mention the clash of the fushia feathers with her hair color...it's just a lot for me to digest.

Though this look is definitely a bit mature for someone as young as Selena Gomez, I am still giving her a Best Dressed award for this J. Mendel dress. From the neck down, it's absolutely stunning, and perfectly tailored. From the neck up, she kind of looks like Rachel Bilson circa The OC, but adorable nonetheless.

Ciara is without a doubt a Worst Dressed award winner. There is nothing redeemable about this entire look. The dress is bizarre, the shoes are way too heavy for the hemline, and when you add that Naomi Campell hairstyle...it's just a lot.

And there you have my 2011 Grammy Red Carpet Awards! Do you agree with my picks, or have some of your own? Leave a comment below!


  1. WHAT? HAYLEY WILLIAMS WORST? she's te prettiest of them all you are blind what's wrong with this world

    1. She's a beautiful woman, but that dress is atrocious.