Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Songs of Summer: Some Nights

This album, Some Nights by Fun. is definitely on my "most frequently played" list this summer. My roommate tipped me off that the entire album is just as likable as that "We Are Young" song (before hearing it  eleventy-billion times, anyway) and it really is! The title song basically had me at hello. It's so multi-dimensional and harmonious, not to mention just plain infectious. The singer's voice has such a Freddy Mercury quality. Anyway, give it a listen. It's great on the iPhone, but I bet it's even better on vinyl.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crystal Clear

I am a big fan of Warby Parker. In fact, I wear their prescription glasses almost every day and I get compliments on them constantly. Even from strangers! (If you're curious, I wear the Crosby Burgundy Fade.) Anyway, I was positively thrilled when the Summer Crystals line popped into my inbox. They are really something beautiful to collect for the season. And the photos are styled to perfection, in the theme of one of my favorite blogs, Things Organized Neatly. I wanted to share the pictures with you, in the hopes that maybe one of these delicious pairs will strike your fancy! They are like a cool, fresh popsicle on a hot, steamy day. I happen to have my eye on this pair...

Trilliny in Bellini

Rafferty in Aqua Tonic

Willoughby in Earl Grey

Preston in Bellini

Beckett in Aqua Tonic

Everett in Bellini

Ellery in Tidal Blue

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hair Brush(ology)

I saw this chart on Pinterest today, and it definitely got me thinking... I am pretty hopeless at styling my hair beyond it's natural tendencies and inclinations. I know how to straighten or curl it, and I can do a braided headband like a pro, but I never use a hairdryer so brushes aren't exactly the #1 tool in my arsenal. In fact, out of all of these brushes, I exclusively use #5, a wooden paddle brush, though mine is this one from Aveda. How many of these do you guys use? Do you use different brushes for different styling maneuvers? Fill me in!

Image via Latest-Hairstyles

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kate Spade Heels

I have been dreaming of nothing but shoes lately. I haven't bought a pair seems like months. Who has time to shop, anyway? I haven't bought a pair of truly impractical pumps in even longer than months, but that hasn't stopped me from ogling these options from Kate Spade. Polka dots, stripes, ribbons, and glitter. I'll take one of each, please, but especially 3, 5, 7 and 8! Which ones are your favorite?

1  Reena in African Violet/Red
2  Bloom in Violet
3  Loire in Black
4  Sawyer in Multi
5  Lisa in Ink Blue
6  Corinne in Teal, Gold Glitter
7  Karolina in Black
8  Charm in Navy

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wonderful + Whimsical

I think I happened upon quite possibly the most amazing Pinterest account I've ever encountered! Will you get a load of these bright, cheerful, colorful interiors? I can't imagine better eye candy on a Monday... Thank you Pinterest, and double thank you to Live from IKEA FAMILY for a major dose of inspiration. Check these beauties out!

Originally pinned from Camille Styles

Original pin here

Originally pinned from Bungalow 5

Originally pinned from Éénig Wonen

Originally pinned from by.bak
Originally pinned from House to Home
Originally pinned from Coco+Kelley

Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're the Kids in America

I hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July! I spent my day at Fort Tilden Park, located in the far Rockaway area, just laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean and getting sunburnt to a crisp. It was unbelievably perfect, (except for the sunburn part. Don't forget your SPF!) And it wasn't toooo crowded considering the rest of New York City had the day off. It's easy to forget that I live in a coastal town, since I typically stay close to the gridiron. But as long as you don't mind taking the subway for an hour and a half, then hopping a shuttle, and then hopping a bus, you're never too far from the beach! I need to go explore the different beaches every weekend until Autumn. But next time I'll remember to take more time applying my sunscreen, so I won't spend the entire next day slathering on the aloe and walking like Frankenstein. Here are some instagram photos taken throughout the day. Also, I couldn't hit you with that title and not give you a chance to hear this 90s classic...Enjoy!

My favorite, taken toward the end of the day. Photo by Jaclyn Denmark.

Fourth of July beach style. Photo by Galina Arnaut.

The long walk from the bus stop to the water! Photo by Jenna Brucoli.
The beach at Fort Tilden Park at 12:00 noon. Photo by Jenna Brucoli.
Umbrellas and chairs for the more prepared beach-goers. Photo by Jenna Brucoli.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Big Bang: Amy Borrell

I saw this closeup of a print by Amy Borrell today on Pinterest, and it stopped me in my rollerball tracks. It's so incredibly random and beautiful. Those colors! It reminds me of something I wish I had the time and/or talent to create while I was in art school...watercolor mixed with crayon, pen, india ink, and even embroidery thrown in? Yes, please. I just wish it was sold as a long print exactly like this, because I currently have a very spacious hallway that happens to be begging for some art. But if you're interested in checking out the actual piece, which is even more lovely, visit Little Paper Planes. The print is 42x42" and rings up at $225.

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