Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crystal Clear

I am a big fan of Warby Parker. In fact, I wear their prescription glasses almost every day and I get compliments on them constantly. Even from strangers! (If you're curious, I wear the Crosby Burgundy Fade.) Anyway, I was positively thrilled when the Summer Crystals line popped into my inbox. They are really something beautiful to collect for the season. And the photos are styled to perfection, in the theme of one of my favorite blogs, Things Organized Neatly. I wanted to share the pictures with you, in the hopes that maybe one of these delicious pairs will strike your fancy! They are like a cool, fresh popsicle on a hot, steamy day. I happen to have my eye on this pair...

Trilliny in Bellini

Rafferty in Aqua Tonic

Willoughby in Earl Grey

Preston in Bellini

Beckett in Aqua Tonic

Everett in Bellini

Ellery in Tidal Blue


  1. Love this! You should totally get the pair you have your "eye" on.

  2. ADORE this collection! The colors are perfect! :)