Friday, September 30, 2011

At the Office/On the Town

Okay, friends, I am back with another one of my fabulous fall jacket picks in my second At the Office/On the Town post in the JSQ Lookbook! This time I am featuring the Sweeping Swing cape/coat from Anthropologie.  Though I think this would actually look best with a more casual outfit, I wanted to stretch its uses out and apply it to both an office look as well as a look for a fancy schmancy evening out! For the office, I've paired it with an autumnal color palette. Army greens plus wine tones and browns makes it fun for fall, but still chic and professional. I love the idea of the crocodile patterned belt around the subtle leopard's a way to bring a little pizazz to your office attire. Then for the evening out, I've paired our cape with a stunning vintage-inspired sheath, some green tights, and charming flats...bringing this 60's style look out for the evening! Stay tuned for next weeks segments of At the Office/On the Town! Have a great weekend, guys!

Sweeping Swing Coat from Anthropologie
At the Office
1  Croc-embossed Belt from Banana Republic
2  Opaque Tights in "Currant" from Express
3 Just for Kicks Heel from Modcloth
4  Animal Print Sheath Dress from Loft 
Kristin Spectator Leather-flapped Satchel by Coach
On the Town
Daniblack Women's Rose Flat in "Gold" from Endless
Corinne Metalic Elongated Clutch by Style&Co. at Macy's
Opaque Control Top Tights in "Army" by Hue
9  Limited Edition Embellished Bodice Dress by Topshop
10  Malinda's Large Olive Green Cocktail Ring

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Milly 2012 Spring Ready-to-Wear

Though I'm deep in the midst of a love affair with Autumn fashion, I couldn't resist sharing the photos from the Milly 2012 Read-to-Wear collection. I am absolutely dying over these looks! With their graphic lines, punchy colors, and perfectly paired prints, this collection is close to perfection. I've grouped my favorites by color, with the larger photos reserved for the looks I am absolutely obsessed with. What do you guys think? Any Spring collections making you wish we weren't headed for a long, cold Winter?

Images via NYMag

Monday, September 26, 2011

At the Office/On the Town

As promised, I am going to style all of my favorite jacket picks for autumn this week. But while I was brainstorming/scouring the web, I decided to spice things up and do a little bit of double-duty. Every coat I picked can be great for work or for play, so I decided to come up with two outfits for each! At work, I like to keep it classic and chic so I've opted to stick with a black & tan palette and use texture and detail to make the outfit really special. In the evening, I've added a little bit of fun sparkle and embellishment in the form on this great topshop top in order to take you out in style! Stay tuned for more great coats in my new segment, At the Office/On the Town here at Jenna Sais Quois!

Boucle Faux Fur Collar Coat from Topshop
At the Office
1  Lynx Necklace by Kate Spade
2  Cable Sweater Tights by Hue
3  Beverly Feldman Best Suede Pump, Tan at Neiman Marcus 
4 Sally Dress, Tan from J. Crew
5  Gold Coast Evangeline by Kate Spade
On the Town
6  Niko Wedges from Anthropologie
7  Dree Leather Pushlock Satchel in Beige from Banana Republic
8  skinny jeans in a dark wash
9  Deco Embellished Tee from Topshop
10  Camel Wool Beret from H&M

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little Sunshine

It's been gray here in Ohio for the last week or so. Fall has certainly set in, which thrills me, but I was hoping for a little residual sunshine...Oh well, I have lived in this great state for twenty-five years, so I know better than to make demands regarding our less than predictable weather. Instead, I opted to add some sunshine to my day (and some color to my zany black/white/gray ensemble) with a these mustard tights from Hue. Instant happiness, even if people have been looking at me funny...

Mustard Tights by Hue, Shoes by Poetic License (scored 80+% off at Century 21)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J'Adore Jackets

I am absolutely in love with Fall. I love hats, scarves, sweaters, gloves, and especially jackets. It's kind of my only real guilty pleasure, and I am not exaggerating when I say I own one in every color or material under the sun. In fact, I added a couple more to my already overstuffed coat closet this weekend...a black trench with a huge, grey faux fur collar and another black cape with military lines, gold buttons, and a cinched waist. Excited to wear them! But here are a few other coats I've been drooling over both in stores and online...I have decided in order to bring my JSQ Lookbook back with a vengeance, over the next couple weeks, I'm going to create a look based around each of these coats. So get ready. Hope you're as excited as I am!

1  Boucle Faux Fur Collar Coat from Topshop
2  Sweeping Swing Coat from Anthropologie
3  Oxidized Ruffle Coat from Anthropologie
4  Frilled Echelons Peacoat from Anthropologie
5  Ascot Swing Coat from Anthropologie
6  Mild Meets Wild Coat from ModCloth
7  Eastward Dress Coat by Lauren Moffat from Anthropologie 
8  Royal Brigade Coat from ModCloth

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Edible Columbus: Fall Issue

As you guys know, there's a new issue of Edible Columbus, and it's been floating around the city for a couple of weeks now. I had a lot of fun designing this issue and I think it's definitely one of my proudest accomplishments to date. Of course, it helps that I have amazing photos and articles giving me tons of design inspiration, but I really love being the person who gets to put it all together so that in the end, we all have something tangible and (hopefully) cohesive. Something we can all be proud of. Special thanks to Cameron Winchester, my oh-so-talented co-worker, who graciously photographs my projects for me so I can show them to all of you. And if these enticing photos aren't doing it justice, read the amazing articles in the full digital issue here!

Photography by Cameron Winchester for Jenna Sais Quois

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Shopping Rule

This weekend, I fell into (and successfully managed to escape) a trap that has ensnared millions of girls before me.

Let me set the scene for you all...
You're walking through the mall. You see something beautiful. You like it. You want it. You need it. You try it on without having ever looked at the price tag. There's your big mistake. Then, when you are absolutely hooked and you just can't live without this item, you peek every so quickly at the numbers.

Suddenly, and immediately, you shimmy out of it or fling it off of your body like you just realized it's radioactive. You pause. You ponder. You can't help but pick it up again, just to hold it. Just to pretend for a second that you own it. Think of how good you suddenly feel! So, should you buy it? I mean, it's not going to kill you to spend a little money on something you love sooo much. You work hard. You deserve nice things. Owning this particular item may even change the entire course of your life! But then again, you could probably find something cheaper...something not nearly as enticing.

This is the moment where you could either quickly slide it back on the rack and promptly feel ashamed of yourself for even considering it, or you could gleefully head to the checkout counter to begin the rest of your life! I know you've all engaged in this inner monologue. Not one lady out there is too pragmatic to have avoided this cheap thrill. This weekend, it happened to me, and I regretfully put back the nearly $250.00 Versace sunglasses and left the department store with my tail between my legs. But I haven't been able to stop thinking about how, for the 30 seconds they rested on my nose, I never looked more amazing in my life... More classic than Audrey Hepburn, more put-together than Olivia Palermo, more stylish than Blair Eadie! I was a vision of effortless beauty and consummate good taste.

But then I remembered that those sunglasses wouldn't be as helpful at the end of the month, when I'd likely run out of money and be forced to live off of a meager diet of dill pickles and diet coke. Below, you'll find some images of the item that, for a brief moment, made me question my very existence...

Red-Carpet Rundown: Emmys 2011

The 2011 Emmy Awards were last night, and plenty of people looked smashing. Enough to warrant a Jenna Sais Quois Red Carpet post, for sure! A few gals looked dreadful, which we'll get to later, but there was one undeniable trend this year...

The carpet was absolutely stacked with long red gowns... And the sad part is, any one of them could have been a best dressed nominee. But unfortunately, with so much repetition, they mostly all just got lost in the shuffle. I think one of these ladies managed to distinguish herself on both fit and flair, so let's get to my Best and Worst Dressed picks!

I thought Kerry Washington looked sensational in Zahair Murad, and with that little extra sparkle and a fit that looked like it was made for her, I thought she ended up looking the Best in her red Red Carpet dress. Although, something is definitely off about she's a bit too thin, or her face just looks reaally tight. Something strange is going on.

I love Heather Morris and I think she's absolutely gorgeous, but there was something a little too prom-like about her hair and makeup, earning her a spot on my Worst Dressed list. And while the color of her dress goes beautifully with her coloring, those ruffles are just overpowering. I like when she sticks to classic silhouettes that show off her great figure.

I thought Evan Rachel Wood looked stunning in this black glittery Elie Saab gown. I love how she let the dress speak for itself and kept her hair, makeup and accessories super simple and elegant. This, in my opinion, is Red Carpet Perfection.

Normally I think Jayma Mays from Glee is cute as a button, but something about this pink, frilly dress by Zuhair Murad isn't really age-appropriate. It certainly pairs well with her persona, but I want to see her looking much more sophisticated. Definitely a Worst Dressed nominee.

Everyone may not be in agreement with this Best Dressed pick because it's definitely not playing it safe, but I am just crazy in love with Heidi Klum's Christian Siriano dress. I love the color, the shoes, and her jewelry, which added a fun pop of color. She looked amazing! And I'd totally wear it.

Ariel Winters from Modern Family is definitely a candidate for Worst Dressed for me. While the dress is pretty, it not at all age-appropriate. I get that these young starlets want people to take them seriously on the carpet, but in no world should someone still have braces on their teeth and their cleavage bursting out in the same scenario. And the color really washes her out. She looks like a cute high-school girl in a ponytail trying on prom dresses, and if she were my daughter...this one would be a "No way!"

Julia Stiles looked beautiful in this lavender/gray lace dress with wrapped details. The Best Dressed Dexter star's gown looks great on her figure, it fits beautifully, and while it isn't the most jaw-dropping look we saw last night, she wore it, rather than the other way around. I thought she looked elegant, demure, and sophisticated.

Okay, now the unanimous pick for WORST DRESSED from pretty much everyone with two eyes was Paz De La Huerta...I almost can't even figure out where to start. I'm at a loss for words! She looks like she got thrown in the trunk of a car, and then pitched off a bridge with an anvil strapped to her ankles, but then managed to escape the depths of that swampy lake, throw on a gown, and make it to the Emmys just in time to walk the Red Carpet. Or she was inspired by the little girl from The Ring. What!?!? It's not even the dress...although that isn't great. It's the corpse-like lipstick, the styled-with-a-leaf-blower hair...and that fish-lipped face she's throwing at the cameras is doing nothing to help her cause either! She is beautiful. I get trying to set trends, or push the envelope, but I really can't believe anyone she knew actually let her leave the limo like that. This is the worst I've seen a celebrity look in any of my Red Carpet posts ever. Bar none. Yikes.

So there you have it folks, the Best and Worst Dressed for the 2011 Emmy Awards. Do you agree? Disagree? Anyone have any theories as to why Paz De La Huerta's undead zombie twin locked her in the hotel room and went in her place to the awards ceremony? Hit me with a comment!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Urban Picnic Engagement Shoot

This blonde bombshell is my college roommate Katie, and that dashing lad is her fiancee, Kevin. I like to say I actually introduced them because on a football saturday in college, my girlfriends were sitting outside on our front porch, and he and his pals strolled by and asked if they could join us. They looked normal enough, and were carrying a case of beer, so we naturally (being the friendly OSU students we were) obliged. Then Katie came outside and they struck up a conversation, and realized they were from the same hometown and had lots in common. Through a few more years of college for Katie and three years at Harvard Law for Kevin, they stayed in touch until Katie moved to Korea for work. There, Kevin flew in to sweep Katie off her feet, which brought them back together and eventually relocated them to Chicago. Cue to 5 years later, they are getting married this December! (He actually proposed on our old porch, which is both sweetly sentimental and hilarious, because the place is now condemned...) Anyway, I couldn't help but share their fantastic engagement photos with you, because they are so inspiring. Of course they are both styled to perfection (Katie has impeccable taste), and the shots are sweetly captured by her grad school cohort and pro photographer Ryan Cosens. His work is amazing. Please check it out! The city of Chicago makes a perfect backdrop for romance.

All photos by (amazing) Chicago-area photographer Ryan Cosens

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Edible: A Sneak Peek

The fall issue of Edible Columbus drops tomorrow! You can find your copy at any of the advertiser locations around this fair city. I am pretty proud of this issue. It's my second that I've designed entirely, and was certainly even more fun to work on than the summer edition. I hope, if you get the chance, you will check it out! Isn't this cover photo by local photographer Sarah Warda incredible? Sugared seckel pears. There's an easy recipe inside for sugared fruit as well as a ton of other amazing dishes to whip up this fall using locally grown ingredients. Bon Appetit!

Photo by Sarah Warda, Design by Jenna Brucoli

Autumn in Anthro-Land

I am beyond in love. I'm in luuurve.
I mean, I have already run out of words to describe how much I obsess over fall fashion. The clothes, the outerwear, the hats/scarves/gloves, and of course the shoes...but Anthropologie just took it to a whole new level. Heels, wedges, boots; every pair even more glorious than the last and so perfectly detailed that it's more comparable to a piece of art. It goes without saying that I love and want to buy them all, but for blogging purposes, I've managed to narrow it down to the one's I would catch a grenade for...

Malbec Heels  I  Cleary Heels

Reeve Ribbon Pumps  I  Liquid Copper Slingbacks

Stike A Cord Heels  I  Gamut Spectators

Niko Wedges  I  Asterisk Booties

Earth & Gold Heels  I  Wrapped Marita Wedges