Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Edible Columbus: Fall Issue

As you guys know, there's a new issue of Edible Columbus, and it's been floating around the city for a couple of weeks now. I had a lot of fun designing this issue and I think it's definitely one of my proudest accomplishments to date. Of course, it helps that I have amazing photos and articles giving me tons of design inspiration, but I really love being the person who gets to put it all together so that in the end, we all have something tangible and (hopefully) cohesive. Something we can all be proud of. Special thanks to Cameron Winchester, my oh-so-talented co-worker, who graciously photographs my projects for me so I can show them to all of you. And if these enticing photos aren't doing it justice, read the amazing articles in the full digital issue here!

Photography by Cameron Winchester for Jenna Sais Quois


  1. The ravioli spread turned out a-mazing.

  2. Thanks, Tamara! That's my fave spread too. Catherine Murray's photos ( http://photokitchen.net/portfolios_food.html) are insaaane. Love them.