Monday, September 12, 2011

Urban Picnic Engagement Shoot

This blonde bombshell is my college roommate Katie, and that dashing lad is her fiancee, Kevin. I like to say I actually introduced them because on a football saturday in college, my girlfriends were sitting outside on our front porch, and he and his pals strolled by and asked if they could join us. They looked normal enough, and were carrying a case of beer, so we naturally (being the friendly OSU students we were) obliged. Then Katie came outside and they struck up a conversation, and realized they were from the same hometown and had lots in common. Through a few more years of college for Katie and three years at Harvard Law for Kevin, they stayed in touch until Katie moved to Korea for work. There, Kevin flew in to sweep Katie off her feet, which brought them back together and eventually relocated them to Chicago. Cue to 5 years later, they are getting married this December! (He actually proposed on our old porch, which is both sweetly sentimental and hilarious, because the place is now condemned...) Anyway, I couldn't help but share their fantastic engagement photos with you, because they are so inspiring. Of course they are both styled to perfection (Katie has impeccable taste), and the shots are sweetly captured by her grad school cohort and pro photographer Ryan Cosens. His work is amazing. Please check it out! The city of Chicago makes a perfect backdrop for romance.

All photos by (amazing) Chicago-area photographer Ryan Cosens

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  1. Ahh so exciting- I can't believe he proposed on that porch! I remember that night like it was yesterday...those boys had no where to drink. I ended up making out with his friend nicknamed Irish Pat but totally have no idea why that was his nickname. Good times and congrats to them!!