Friday, February 25, 2011

Cocktail Hour: White Russian

It's Friday, which means another lovely Cocktail Hour post. Today I'm featuring the White Russian, which is a quintessential 1960's cocktail in it's own right, but often gets upstaged by the martini, the old-fashioned, and other more notably retro drinks. One interesting fact I found in my research is that the White Russian has no Russian origin at all, and is just named that because it uses Vodka. It is a variation of the Black Russian, which I've never sampled...have you? Maybe a Cocktail Hour post for another week!

Got a signature drink that's perfect for a good old fashioned cocktail party? Leave a comment here, and we will feature it next week!

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  1. Recommended by a friend, my new favorite is a Dark & Stormy.

  2. pea ess: LOVE to the LOVE your cocktail posts!!! any kind of giggle juice is my friend for life ; )

  3. Jeff- I have never heard of that drink! I will have to do some research this weekend, in the form of taste-testing!

    Lynn- Haha! You are too cute. And...agreed!

  4. OMG! I completely forgot about these... they are so yum!
    Thanks for the reminder!