Monday, March 7, 2011

Seven Degrees of Sunnies

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for a billion reasons. They block harmful UV rays from your precious peepers and prevent crows-feet from all that summer squinting. Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe even said they are your "Ultimate Do-Not-Disturb" sign. But for the happily un-famous folks not fleeing from paparazzi, sunglasses most importantly allow us to transform our entire look in as much time as it takes to slide them on! They're like putting on an instant costume! And the more variety you have, the more you can change it up from day to day, whether it's Audrey Hepburn or Penny Lane...So without further ado, The 7 Essential Must-Have Sunglasses.

1  Colorful, Summer Sunnies
These slightly retro shades are perfect for a beach vacation or just a drive with the top down // Buy them here

2 Hollywood Glamor Glasses
This subtly cat-eyed pair are are ideal for sitting by the pool in a floppy hat and a retro bathing suit, sipping a lemonade...or this! // Buy them here

3 Classic Ray Bans
Or in this case, similar look, but a fraction of the price! These glasses are perfectly dark, for those ultra bright days // Buy them here

4 Flirty Frames
These nude frames look great on any skin-tone, have a fun gradation of color, and add a touch of romance to your summer look // Buy them here

5 Tortoise Shell Shades
Tortoise Shell sunglasses are a Must-Have Item in my opinion. They are classically cool, and go with everything // Buy them here

6 Aviators!
These are just effortlessly cool. Wear them with long, messy hair, and you're bohemian. Wear them with a ponytail and it's simple, utilitarian glamor. And they are so lightweight, you barely feel like you're wearing sunglasses at all // Buy them here

7 1970's Inspired Specs
I firmly believe that every woman should have a truly enormous pair of sunglasses. But when you go 70s-chic, you can get away with it without being too obnoxious. And, these gold frames go perfect with a tan... // Buy them here

All of these glasses are from Forever 21, for only $5.80 each! I highly recommend buying sunglasses on the cheap, because they are really easy to lose, scratch, or accidentally sit on...I start my summer with quite a few more than I end with, but at this price, I have zero guilt.


  1. I want one of each! Following you on Twitter now!

  2. Love them all... BUT I wear Aviators and I adore them

  3. Thanks Krysten! Following you too!

    And Bailey, totally love rocking the aviators too. But I have, ugh, SO many sunglasses, so I change it up every day.