Monday, March 21, 2011

JSQ Lookbook

This weekend, I did a little credit card damage at Madewell...again. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores, and I usually wait until the sale items are an additional 25% off before I can even think of buying any of it. But it is just so perfect. And one of my purchases, this olive green dress, has inspired what I hope will be the first in a series of JSQ Lookbook posts. I am really into styling pieces, and accessorizing, and I figured this unusual dress is the perfect place to start. So, here's how I'd wear it, with some high and low end pieces mixed in: 

1  Chiffon Flapper Dress in "fresh moss" // Madewell
Sichuan Silk Twill scarf, 36" // Hermes
3  Merona "Marled Edge" Floppy Hat // Target
4 Wide Leatherette Belt // Forever 21
5  Boehl wood bracelet // Aldo
6  The canvas boardwalk brogues // Madewell

I tend to put together outfits in my head like I'm wearing a costume. While wearing this, I'd be going to a garden party on Jay Gatsby's lawn in the dog days of summer.


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