Monday, May 7, 2012

Kate Spade: City Guides

I was beyond excited to find these Fathom for Kate Spade City Guides in my e-mail yesterday! I would by no means call myself a traveler, since I compare myself to my best friend who checks plane tickets to far away destinations before she even checks her e-mail each morning...or another who is zipping off to China for three entire weeks, just for fun...but I would certainly entertain the idea of planning a trip soon. There's been talk of Paris and Ireland, but these trips are getting bumped to next year because I have been enjoying my own little permanent vacation every day.

Anyway, these adorable, illustrated packing guides on Kate Spade make me infinitely happy. They have totally inspired me to spend more time illustrating things for this blog...So you can perhaps look forward to that! But for now, I insist you check out the rest of the City Guides, ASAP. Enjoy!

Tokyo Packing List via Kate Spade
London Packing List via Kate Spade
Los Angeles Packing List via Kate Spade
Tahiti Packing List via Kate Spade
New York City Packing List via Kate Spade


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