Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming Down the Pipeline

My roommates commented recently how often they've been mentioned in my blog lately (when I actually post, that is...) and all I have to say is, blogging imitates life! Our sometimes-slow-moving home decorating projects are the only blog-worthy thing I have to show for myself lately, and Ryan Dean recently found something so cool on Etsy that I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you.

These industrial-chic storage solutions from StellaBleuDesigns on Etsy are easily the raddest things I've seen lately. If my room didn't look like a 26-year-old's take on the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue (hey, it's a work in progress...) I would have ordered them for myself! But alas, I've realized lately that I am faaaar too girly. And they are perfect for our resident male! I will be so jealous when these arrive and his room looks amazing (and age-appropriate) and just plain cool. I am not 100% certain, but I think he ordered the Industrial Pipe Shelf Level 3 Wood and the Bookshelf Industrial Pipe Mario Bros Finish Line. I am also totally digging the Industrial Pipe Corner Shelf with Pendant Lighting and the Industrial Garment Rack Triple Level. So definitely check out StellaBleuDesigns ASAP if any of these pieces are striking your fancy!

Bookshelf Industrial Pipe Mario Bros
Industrial Pipe Corner Shelf with Pendant Lighting

Industrial Pipe Shelf Level 3 Wood

Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf

Industrial Garment Rack Triple Level


  1. w00t jenna, i am obsessed with these! havent seen the one with the light before! sooo in love

    (currently finding the perfect corner of my place so the shelf in photo #4 to come live with me).