Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Just Sitting On the Shelf...

Yep. Of course I had to inject a little She & Him into this title. But really, I wanted to take a chance to show off a quick little project that was lots of fun to do and only took an hour's time and about $35.00.

I am a firm believer in styling your bookshelf because I'm a firm believer in styling everything in your home/apartment/dorm room/bedroom/parents' basement...Wherever you hang your hat. If you are going to have to look at it, especially everyday, it should be beautiful. Yes, even storage. A standing bookshelf works fine, but in NYC I've been exploring the wonderful world of wall shelving. This hangs right over my bed, and no, I am not worried about it falling on my head, since I used a stud-finder. All it took was a little color coordination, a kitschy vintage fan, and the EKBY AMUND shelf ($19.99) in white and 3 EKBY HENSVIK brackets ($5.00 each) from IKEA.


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