Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Envy

There are just so many adorable children in this world. This week I have what I am calling baby envy. The definition of baby envy is of course the jealousy directed at mothers out there who get to enjoy playing with these delightful little peanuts every single day. 

But in honor of this week, I want to post some images from a photographer that Cate directed me to. Her name is Eden Lang, and she also has a blog! These images are of her adorable little daughter.

How much do I love these boots??

(Note: baby envy does not reach as far as to motivate me to want to take care of cranky, sick, or crying babies. That is reserved for a time in the distant future when I accept the bad along with the good, and am married, and am actually ready to have my own) 


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