Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner with the Family

I grew up in an Italian family, which can only mean two things: We love to eat, and we love to cook. Especially pasta! When I was visiting home a few weeks ago, we had quite the homemade feast. My parents, my new brother Nathan and I made homemade angel-hair noodles and homemade sauce from tomatoes. Here is a little digital tour through the process of noodle and sauce making from our kitchen to yours...

Nathan reads a recipe out of our huge Italian cookbook

We add the ingredients to make the dough
We flatten sections of dough through a press
The flattened dough hangs on a pasta rack
We send the dough through the other side of the pasta machine, which cuts the sheets of dough into long angel-hair noodles
The noodles are waiting to be dropped into the boiling pot

Blanched tomatoes are peeled, seeds removed, and they are set to boil on the stove
The sauce is run through our food mill in order to make it smooth
And because that already wasn't enough work, my mom decided to bake the most delicious chocolate chip cookies you will ever eat

Bon Appetit!


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