Monday, March 15, 2010

I Just Died

Literally, these prints knocked the wind out of me...have you ever seen anything more fabulous? Retro lovers like will be delighted to check out the limited edition prints of Floyd & Mavis. I clearly can't buy these, but it's just nice to know that lots of other people in this world will be able to buy these and hang them in their homes and stare at them all day. Jealousy does not become me...
{Prints by Floyd & Mavis}
The Italy one is my favorite...nothing to do with my Italian roots, and everything to do with her striped dress and scarf!

Editors Note: I bought them anyway...they amounted to 39.00 with shipping! Not too shabby! Cant wait till they arrive and I have them framed!


  1. Thanks, me too! At that price they were almost a steal, and they arrived in only two days.