Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I feel a little sad thinking about the date today. Is that weird? It's the last time the date, month, and year will be the same number for nearly another century. And certainly the last time we'll experience it in most of our lifetimes. Yes, that's a little dark. Are any of you guys experiencing the feeling like you didn't enjoy the last decade as much as you should have? Just me? OK, haha. Moving on! Below are a list of lovely little things to commemorate the date!

1  Motorcycle Image pinned by Danny O'Connor on Pinterest
 Number Twelve necklace by TwoReasons on Etsy. $18.50.
 Vintage 12 billiard ball from amyquerin on Etsy
4  Vintage Hotel Number, including braille from vintageseas on Etsy
5  French  Crown No. 12 Pillow from WordGarden on Etsy
6  Old School Colorblindness Tests
7  An Imprecise Clock spotted on Clusterflock
8  Twelve O'Clock High poster starring Gregory Peck


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