Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My First-Ever Lush Haul!

Oh my goodness, I don't really know how I hadn't discovered LUSH before now, but let me just say that I'm obsessing. I had popped into a store in the Orlando airport when I was traveling last fall, but didn't bring anything home with me. And after watching a few YouTube videos of people enjoying their huge Lush hauls and amazing, luxurious bath bombs and bubble bars, I decided to pop down to the Herald Square location and check it out for myself. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. =

The store smelled like an amazing sensory overload, to the point where I don't even think I knew what my products actually smelled like until I got home. Like, I don't typically go for orange scents because they have a bad scent-memory to me...but a lot of the products I picked out do have an orangey scent. Though, all do smell great to me anyway! Full disclosure: I'd never used a bath bomb until yesterday but watched about fifty YouTube videos like this one, and I got really scared that I would stain my bathtub. But today I saw a tip that if you do happen to accidentally dye your tub with pigment or glitter, the Magic Eraser takes care of anything...so I'll be a bit braver next time and just go for it! 

This was the first thing I smelled in the store, and immediately put it into my basket because it has scents that I really gravitate toward...just warm, creamy, and with hints of cocoa butter.

I love, love, love baths and especially bubble baths. My one goal for my trip to Lush was to come home with one bath bomb and one bubble bar...I may have gotten a little carried away but I'm so glad I did because I used about 1/4 of this last night crumbled beneath the running water along with my bath bomb and it was perfection. I might even use this again tonight... Why not?

This is the most surprising scent, because I do not love oranges, but really enjoyed the scent of this. It's quite chocolatey and exotic. And apparently you can break it in half and use it the same way you'd use a bubble bar. Looking forward to trying this!

This was the bath bomb I used immediately after I got home last night. It just looked big and fun, and amazing. And it smelled like honey and toffee. It left my skin feeling silky smooth, and I could have just soaked for hours. Will definitely be purchasing this again.

This was one of those unexpected purchases that I ended up being very excited about. Once I was already getting carried away, I saw this and it's gorgeous glittery finish and decided I had to have it to give me some shine on my shoulders and décolletté for the rest of the summer. It has such a beautiful finish to it, and melts into your skin like butter.

This is quite similar to the Shimmy Shimmy product, except it's tailored for darker complexions and shimmers instead of glitters. However, if you're pale like me, this also blends into the skin and acts as kind of a bronzer for body. I'm very intrigued. Stay tuned for whether or not this works for me! Full reviews will be coming soon. 

I'm saving this one for fall, once it's a bit more chilly out...because I am very much looking forward to a steaming hot bath with this just fizzing and melting all around me. It's all of my most dreamy scents; vanilla, sandalwood, lemon...yes, yes, yes. Ahh! Fall, get here soon please! (Don't hate me if you're a summer person, but summer in New York City is a dirty business, my friends...)

One of the girls at the Herald Square location, I think her name was Jamie, told me that this is one of LUSH's original products from way back. I was a bit of a shopaholic tornado at this point, so the moment is fuzzy to me, but I can not wait to try this because...Blackberries? How summery is that? I'll have my Magic Eraser ready for this one ;-)

I wanted to get a massage bar because they feel amazing in your hands, I can only imagine how delicious they feel on the body. Can't wait to give this a try, probably tonight. Maybe I'll give my boyfrand a little birthday back massage? Or I'll save it for myself...mwah ha ha. Okay, signing off now! xo Jenna


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