Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cake by Petunia

How amazingly chic are these bags from the Cake by Petunia collection of Petunia Pickle Bottom? They were featured yesterday on Bakerella, and I immediately fell in love! I would never have guessed they were actually diaper bags! This is a good thing, because when I'm a mother, I certainly don't want to have my personal style hindered by lugging around a giant vinyl diaper bag with teddy bears on it and bottles sticking out of both sides... 
{Images of 'Cake by Petunia' bag from Bakerella.com}

Motherhood can definitely be chic, and the Cake by Petunia collection certainly highlights that. Go to the website and check out all the different "flavors" of cake that the bags are named after. The ones I'm showing here are Red Velvet, but they also have Apple Tart, Buttercream, Chocolate Decadence, French Gooseberry, Juniper Berry Crumb, and Licorice Pudding cakes for the different colors the bags can be.  

Happy Shopping!


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