Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rosehill Cottage

It was a dreary, slightly rainy day in Columbus and for some reason that inspired me to watch The Holiday. It's actually more of a Christmas movie but why not, right? I have always been in love with Iris's charming cottage, tucked away in the English countryside. After a little searching on the internet, I found some shots of the set here on Maggy Moon Interiors. She has done a whole post of her favorite movie sets, and it's definitely worth checking out. 
{Photos from Maggy Moon Interiors}

I fell in love with how cozy this space is! Despite how tiny it seems on film, the creams and pastels paired with touches of dark wood really open up every room. The fabrics like the crushed velvet on the ottoman and the soft white blanket thrown over the Edwardian chair in the library give the set such a warmth. The best part is, these elements feel very luxe-on-a-budget, which is exactly what I need. I am taking notes for my new apartment this fall!


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