Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something's Missing from Summer

And it's these guys...

Seriously, AMC/Matt Weiner, your contract squabbles are holding up a piece of my life a little! It's the one thing that's left a giant void in my Summer. See you next year?

Images are official promo shots from Season 4


  1. I've never seen Mad Men. I'm guessing that I should?!

  2. Yes! It's sooo good. The costumes and makeup make it worth it alone, but the show is also amazing. I think season 5 will be starting up in early 2012!

  3. I know. I will miss them. Also, no trudy!

  4. I agree 10000% percent! I am sick of waiting, and don't know if I can wait till next year.

    I need my Don Draper fix ASAP!

  5. I agree, and I love so much that cooper is shoeless in these pics.

    Love your blog! Found it today while searching for ways to style the sateen blue ocean dress. Got it on clearance at Target today!