Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be my BrightLine Valentine!

My new office was filled to the brim with Valentine spirit today! Actually, the entire city was... Everytime I stepped outside, I nearly got run down by five frantic delivery boys, heading towards their various recipients carrying flowers. Getting V-day gifts at work is clearly a thing here. Did you guys get any special deliveries today? My delivery must have just gotten lost in the city shuffle... Hah! Not likely. But the most delicious part of the day was when our office provided a whole table of heart-shaped cookies and all the decorating tools you could imagine; sprinkles, frosting, decorative tips, nonpareils, you name it! So of course we happily dove in and whipped up some of these spiffy creations for each other!

Top Front
A lovely honorable-mention-award-winning cookie by Kate
Left (Row 2)
A cookie I decorated for my desk-mate Amber
Right (Row 2)
"Love Bites." Another cookie by the Martha Stewart of BrightLine, Kate!
Right (Row 3)
A cookie I painstakingly decorated for Galina. But since I used "edible" spray paint, it ended up tasting a little toxic... Oops.
The whole collection! Check out that Jenna Sais Quois inspired chevron masterpiece! Galina made that one for me, and I actually ate it, since it was sans spray paint. The middle cookie was one I made for Matt. He told me I single-handedly gave him diabetes. Um, can you say rude? Eh, he secretly loved every bite of it. And finally, the illustrative one on the bottom was depicting a wakeboarder for Jackie, who graduated with me from OSU design school, and put in a good word for me here at the new job! I'm happy to be here and eat cookies with my lovely new coworkers anyday, but especially on Valentine's day!


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