Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday

Well, it's actually Tuesday, but I couldn't resist... Anyway, one of my fave things about working as a designer is being surrounded by creative, trendy people all the time. And my new coworkers are already starting to inspire me as much as my Ohio pals! Which brings me to the topic at hand; Nail Art. It's an unmistakable trend, and I haven't been able to resist gabbing about it with my new coworkers, Kate and Galina. We even got to try our hand at making some of our own when Kate brought in her red nail pen...though nothing we created could even compare to the fabulous fingertips of Galina's friend Julia, an actual artist who also happens to be a nail artist! She even has a blog, Manicure Pixie Dream Girl (named after everyone's favorite female archetype, of course...) and each one of her posts is totally awe-inspiring! Julia definitely proves that you need more than just a little extra time and a very steady hand to give yourself a nail art makeover...you need some insane creativity too. So for those of us who are not artists (or even nail artists...) feel free to snag and recreate some fabulous ideas here:

All images via Manicure Pixie Dream Girl


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