Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games: Charms

Are you guys hitting the midnight showing of The Hunger Games tonight? Sadly, I'm way to exhausted from gallivanting around beautiful New York City (or just working full-time...) to stay awake that late on a school night. But I'll be hitting it up in IMAX tomorrow with my roommates and I know we are all beyond excited. It seems like people have been talking about this movie non-stop for the past six months. And the trilogy was the first set of subway books I read on my Kindle when I moved to NYC in January.

Anyway, I have been eyeing some beautiful Hunger Games-inspired jewelry over on the Etsy shop 1LuckySoul. The designer, Cody, is incredible! The attention to detail is completely amazing... He's thought of everything: the Mockingjay pin, the bow and arrow, the tracker jacker, a District 12 medal, Katniss' pearl, Peeta's locket, even a coal bead... I kind of geeked out over this charm necklace. And there are a ton of other options too...a charm bracelet, a reaping bowl necklace, and of course the classic Mockingjay regalia as well. And he doesn't just stop at The Hunger Games. There's some fantastic Harry Potter stuff as well as some really cool steam punk pieces. Check out 1LuckySoul for some handmade, whimsical wares! (See the full necklace below)

All images via 1LuckySoul on Etsy