Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry? Why Wait!

Did you see the movie yet?? As planned, I saw The Hunger Games on Friday night in Times Square. (It still trips me out to come out of a movie and find myself in the craziest, most crowded part of New York City, though I think I love it...) But before the movie, I met Cody, the jewelry artist I blogged about here and he gifted me my very own beautiful charm necklace to wear! I was beyond surprised and excited. All through dinner, I couldn't stop looking at it...I even clutched it a few times during the movie in moments of nervous suspense. Let's be honest, the entire theatre got a little emotional at certain parts (you know exactly which ones I'm talking about) but my roommate Colleen and I were maybe the top teary offenders...Oops. Anyway, it was everything I wanted it to be. Can't wait for the next one!

And because the world is still very much suffering from Hunger Games mania, I decided to put together a little assemblage of some of my favorite Etsy items I've found while scouring the web. Hope you loved the movie! If you haven't seen it yet, or read the books, I definitely recommend both. But (as always) start with the books!

1  "Change the Game" print 11x14 from EntropyTradingCo on Etsy
2  Pyrite and Black Tourmaline crystal bobby pins from BashfulOwl on Etsy
3  "Let the Games Begin" t-shirt from DarbyandDash on Etsy
4  "I am as Radiant as the Sun" print 8x10 from FaithHopeTrick on Etsy
5  "Rue's Song" poster 11x14 from EntropyTradingCo on Etsy
6  "The Rebellion" poster 11x14 from PurpleCowPosters on Etsy
7  The Hunger Games print 11x17 from TheArtOfAdamJuresko on Etsy
8  The Hunger Games charm bracelet from 1LuckySoul on Etsy


  1. Thanks for featuring my "Let the Games Begin" shirt!

    I love the Rue's Song poster!

    1. Thanks for posting, Cody! Your t-shirt is seriously beautiful...I looove the typography.