Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peachy in Columbus!

Until 6 months ago, I had never lived anywhere but Ohio. And I am not even a little bit ashamed of that fact! It was a great place to grow up and, franky, it's the state with the cutest shape in the union... So there's that. Since I moved to NYC, my life has been on overdrive. So much so that it felt like I warped into this alternate reality, and when I got back to C-bus on Saturday morning, my old life just picked up right where it left off. Very sci-fi, I know. I got to see lots of friends, eat delicious food that I have been craaaaving, listen to great music, hang out in the Peach District, go swimming, dance and dance and dance some more, celebrate the Summer Solstice early, wear a crown made of flowers, sit on a front porch, lay in some grass, and enjoy a record amount of Brooklyn Summer Ale (a little taste of new home at old home prices. Score!) Here is my entire weekend in photos. Enjoy your own little taste of Columbus!

My favorite old sign on High St.

My faaaavorite swingset ever right near Aab India in Grandview

Delicious breakfast at Marshall's in Grandview

I helped make these snowflakes right before I moved. Still there!

Party at the most famous backyard swimming pool in Columbus

My fabulous friend Abigail at the Peach District Classic

Peach District Classic: Photo by Cate, aka Pearrier on Tumblr, aka my BFF
The wonderful Johnny Newman performing at the Peach District Classic

The DewDroppers, aka my favorite local band in all of Columbus
I was having so much fun, I missed the bus back to New York...
Luckily, there was another coming in 2 hours! 

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  1. D'aww, I'm so flattered to be pictured in your recounting of the weekend! It was wonderful to have you in our midst again, and thank you for sharing your love for our Midwest-tropolis!