Monday, October 8, 2012


I saw these beautiful shoes over at Justina Blakeney's blog last week, and fell in love. First of all, they are so incredibly classic. And then there's the fact that I live in a walking city and flats are really the only option unless I want to cause myself some pretty significant pain by the end of the workday... But these shoes!! They are so fun and customizable (and colorful and tasseled and monogrammed) Also, did I happen to mention Justina and I have the same initials? So I knew I had to blog about them. Do any of you have a pair? I am busy pondering whether or not I can get them in the US...

Image via Justina Blakeny

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  1. I got a pair! this one:

    and they fit awesomly plus they are so comfy and yes they ship everywhere, got mine in a few days via DHL for very fair shippping costs.