Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Naturals and Neutrals

I am usually quite a fan of color. This we know about me, yes? But I feel like as my style has evolved over the years, or perhaps becomes symptomatic of life in New York, I find myself gravitating quite a bit more to some lovely neutrals and chocolate browns, rustic woodgrain and chunky natural knits. I've assembled a little mood board of neutrality to explain just what I mean. Take a look!

Via They All Hate Us
L: Via Basics of Man   I   R: Via Sevier & White Interiors
John Derian's Apartment via From The Right Bank
L: Brianne on Pinterest   I   R: By Jared Fowler via HomeLife
Via Live from IKEA FAMILY on Pinterest
L: The Knot   I   R: Cha Cha Diaries
Barr-Co. Pure Vegetable products from Anthropologie

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