Wednesday, July 17, 2013


When I stumbled across this photo series on Buzzfeed, I just had to share! I have always been a fan of summer camp, having gone to good ole' Camp Frederick quite a few times back in Ohio. But many of the East Coasters I know got to go away to 4 or even 8 week camps almost every year as kids and early teenagers, just like in Bug Juice. Stilling sighing with jealousy! I looooved camp.

How glam are these camp counselors from the 1950s in the photo below? They are up an at-em with their cute little penoir sets and their red lips! I imagine there were some pretty lucky male counselors at the all-boys camp across the lake, just waiting for their chance to spot these bathing beauties in their binoculars. "Just because you're in the woods, it's no excuse not to look your best!" quoth Phyllis Nefler in the classic film, Troop Beverly Hills. Let that be a lesson to us all!

Photo via Buzzfeed


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