Friday, August 16, 2013

A Lady Never Forgets Her Earrings

The title of this post was something my Grandmother always used to say to me. In fact, she was full of other adages such as "Only the cook washes her hands in the kitchen sink," and "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar," and many, many more. She taught me skills I still appreciate today like how to do embroidery, how to mend clothing, and she tried many times over to teach me to crochet. She herself was extremely adept at it, completing over 140 blankets in her lifetime all of which bore a cute little label inside reading "Crocheted for you by Rose Marie Bruce."

Sadly, I lost her this past Saturday, August 10th very unexpectedly, as she left to join my handsome grandfather Gene who passed away last summer. Both of them were loved and treasured by friends and family and especially me. I will never forget their wisdom, the sounds of their voices, and especially won't forget the strong love I felt for them.

The picture below was (we think) their engagement photo. Weren't they a handsome couple!? I love love love my grandfather's glasses, and especially my grandmother's jewels and lipstick!

Rose Marie Bruce (née Weiss) and Gene Bruce, Sr.


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