Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glamorous Getaways

Well, my friends, another glorious summer is coming to an end. And while, normally, I'm the biggest cheerleader for fall, I must admit this time of year is usually not without a quick lament about all of the places I didn't go on my summer vacation... Of course, I'm ashamed to admit my expired passport was partly to blame! But when you don't have the time (or budget) to jetset around the world, there's always Pinterest! Below are a few clippings from my Glamorous Getaways pinboard. Bon Voyage!

Saint Stefan, Montenegro  |  Original Source:

Cinque Terre, Italy  |  Original Source:

Tent Village  |  Original Source:

Ocean adjacent pool  |  Original Source:

Santorini, Greece  |  Original Source:

Fiji  |  Original Source: Unknown

Taroudant, Morocco  |  Original Source:


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