Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year - Now Let's See How I Did!

I remember around this time last year posting several New Year's Resolutions on this blog. A sort of 30 before 30, if you will...which gives me the unique opportunity to check back and see how I did! Because while hitting all those goals definitely didn't happen, turning 30 was guaranteed to. Isn't it funny how aging works? Anyway, 2015 really was an incredible year, but it had its low points for me too. Beginning and ending a relationship that was kind of a full-time job in and of itself made it so I didn't have much time to really do the things I'd outlined, but it did bring lots of other meaningful goals and personal achievements. And while I'm really looking forward to a fresh start in 2016, I hope that reposting my New Years Resolutions from last year as more of a continuation (let's keep this party going!) would be kind of cool. We're all a work in progress, right?

So...without further ado, my 2015 Resolutions! I will cross out things I genuinely did and offer some background commentary on the things I did not...

1  Keep an up-to-date calendar/planner (past March...)
Yeah, this is just never going to be a thing for me. But I keep trying! I'm currently trying to focus my planner just to blogging goals and planning content so I don't just...casually step away for four years again! So that is my amended goal for 2016.
2  Keep my desktop/workspace clean (spot clean every day before leaving work)
3  Take an improv comedy class  
I still really, really want to do this.
 Set up drinks/dinner with a new female friend
5  Blog at least twice a week
Hah! A likely story... But, I'm upping this to 3x in 2016.
6  Wear makeup everyday (bonus points if I put it on at home and not at my desk)
I definitely upped my makeup game in 2015, but mostly happened at my desk. Not gonna lie.
7  Go kayaking at Riverside or Brooklyn Bridge Park
Still on the list!
8  Go skiing at least twice this season
9  Pay off my credit card
Almost there, but working on it! Definitely happening in Q1 of 2016.
10  Take a design/art workshop or class
11  Buy a sketchbook and start to doodle again
12  Learn to make simple things I haven't tried i.e. whipped cream, poached eggs, roast chicken 
13  Find a general practitioner that I like, and have a full check-up (I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been to a GP in 3+ years)  
I did find a GP, but I haven't really made an appointment yet. I'm waiting for a big cold so I can kill two birds with one stone. 
14  Buy a new mattress
15  Stick to my diet (I do Weight Watchers, and I always nail it perfectly for 2 months, and then fizzle for a month, and so on...this year I'm going for consistency!)
Yeah, this definitely did not happen in 2015, but I'm trying again this year, and changing it up with #Nutrisystem. Stay tuned for more posts on this! I've already lost my first 10 pounds, and I just feel like 2016 will definitely be the year of my best ever body.
16  Read at least 20 books
17  Aim to go on at least one date each week
I did do this right up until I started my relationship in March! I would like to do this again in 2016 maybe?
18  Get weekly manicures and DON'T chew fingernails  
19  Cut way back on the booze and the occasional cigarette (very important!!)
Still working on this, though I do think I made some great strides this year.
20  Don't just remove makeup, focus on using my Clinique Sonic System brush for a deeper clean daily
21  Cook for myself at least two days each week
I really did do this for most of the year, so I'm crossing it off!
22  Make my bed everyday (this is so sad...I'm going to be 30, it's time)
I don't nail this every day, but I definitely do it way more and it's been great. 
23  Never visit someone's apartment empty-handed (hostess gifts are in your future, friends!)
I can't remember if I really paid many people a visit this year, but I'm keeping this on the list because it's a nice idea and I think something people always appreciate and remember.
24  Make a point to send thank you notes, birthday cards, other meaningful communications Really still working on this. I would love to become a thoughtful, classy, adult lady this year.
25  Never go a full week without doing yoga
I did not do this but, if I'm honest, it's not really a goal anymore. I hurt my foot very badly last spring when I took a spill on my apartment stairs and it's still not quite yoga-ready. 
26  Try at least one new recipe every 2 weeks, to broaden cooking/eating horizons
I used Plated for part of the year this year, and I really enjoyed it! 
27  Moisturize hands/face/skin daily  
28  Drink water (i.e. no more than 2 Diet Cokes per day, how will I ever do this?)
I started really doing this in the back half of the year, and I really do want to continue to work on it in 2016.
29  Go on a relaxing vacation (preferably out of the country)
Sadly no vacation this year. If I hit my weight loss goals, maybe I will take myself to the beach?
30  Feel good, stay positive, be happy 

Total resolution score: 17/30 (Over half, not too shabby!)

If I had to add some new ones for 2016 (in addition to the above that I'm still working on) they would have to be:

1  Upgrade my wardrobe to start phasing in more high-quality staple pieces and more polished accessories
2  Give my room a bit of a facelift. I love the d├ęcor in there, but a few things need to be tweaked.
3  Start my JennaSaisQuois YouTube channel - Coming soon!
4  Once the credit card is paid off, start an IRA to save for the future
5  Learn how to blow dry my hair!! This is a basic life skill I do not possess...
6  Take a dance class or something fun to get my body moving
7  Really try to take the subway instead of Uber or a Taxi unless it's an emergency or I'm carrying something heavy
8  Stick with Nutrisystem for at least 4 months (longer than I have ever stuck with a diet ever)
9  Do another KonMari style purge of clothing and other clutter at some point
10  Say THANK YOU more often, which I think is such a simple thing that takes no effort and really makes a difference to people


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