Friday, February 5, 2016

2016's Top Spring Trenches

I LOVE a trench coat. I love a classic trench, a colorful/patterned trench, a trench made from non-traditional fabrics...the sky's the limit! If I could have an entire closet dedicated to coats and jackets (which I did before I moved to New York City) over 50% of it was filled with trench coats...All of which went to live with a nice family on a farm when I ended up in Manhattan, but that's neither here nor there. Since my last remaining (favorite, comfortable, just right) trench literally began to disintegrate into mere fibers held together by prayers after wearing it for 3 straight seasons a year for maybe 10 years, I've decided to pull the trigger on a better trench that will last a lifetime. Price point is not a concern, as long as it's great quality, a flattering style, and something classic enough that I could see myself wearing it forever. Below are a few I've added to my list to try on. I will absolutely keep you posted on this journey and share pictures of the winner this Spring! Wish me luck!

1  Gap Short Trench | $98 USD
2  Kate Spade Classic Twill Trench Coat | $498 USD
3  Banana Republic Suede Trench | $698 USD
4  J. Crew Icon Trench Coat | $298 USD


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