Monday, February 8, 2016

REVIEW: LUSH Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

This bath bomb from LUSH was an absolute fireworks show for the eyes. It just spun around and turned the bath water into a foaming, tie-dyed mixture of white, yellow, and blue. And each color had some shimmer mixed in that really made this bomb a celestial experience. I definitely recommend trying this one for yourself, and I also think it'd be fantastic for kids.

Calming, shimmering, mood-enhancing
Featured Ingredients
Brazilian orange oils, bergamot oils, silver lustre
Drop this in a warm bath and enjoy the explosion of colors as it releases its pigments into the water. Make sure to breathe in the heavenly, calming scent as you enjoy.
My Review
I found this bomb to be quite enjoyable, if only for the show. I have used LUSH bath bombs that were more nourishing, and left my skin feeling better. But this has to have been the most beautiful experience of any bomb I've used. It left a bit more residue than I typically see, but again my little secret is always to run the shower afterwards to really make sure there's no glitter or pigment left over after my bath. The smell was very pleasant and quite a classic sweet-smelling LUSHy scent. I am definitely able to set aside my disdain for all things orange when it comes to LUSH products. I would maybe repurchase this just for fun, and for the visuals, but if my skin needs a good moisturizing soak-session, I will always go with Butterball or Honeybee, both of which are quite plain in terms of the colors.

I'm very excited to try a few new Valentine's Day products. How about you guys? Anything catching your eye at LUSH lately? Post a comment below. I'd love to hear about it!


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