Saturday, August 15, 2009

Julie & Julia

Give me any movie with 1950's or 1960's fashion done impeccably well and I am sold. But Julie & Julia definitely rose above my easy-to-please expectations. I honestly can say that I enjoyed the movie from the minute the theatre darkened until the end credits rolled. I loved the concept, loved looking at all the delicious food, and especially loved the empowerment of how the characters were able to do things they had never done before and master them. 

I also loved the Julie storyline about her blogging, as I am new to the blogosphere myself. I thought it was funny that her mom wrote her first and only comment for quite some time...when so far, my mother is the only one who has commented on Jenna Sais Quois so far. But at least I know I have four readers! 

But overall, I found it to be a wonderful movie. And I especially loved the Paul Child character played by Stanley Tucci. Is it possible that such a wonderful man exists in modern times? Julie's husband sure wasn't as wonderful as Julia's. But then again, Julie wasn't as wonderful as Julia either...

What happened to the world where everyone was cool as a cucumber, and nobody flew off the hand or had a meltdown over something as trivial as dropping a goose and having the stuffing and other various innards fly across your kitchen? 

I think my favorite part is the toast, "You are the bread to my butter, and the breath to my life." What an awfully beautiful thing to say to someone. The movie was incredible. 

On another note, I have often thought hanging pots and pans on a pegboard a la Julia Child made the kitchen look a bit cluttered. But I love the idea of painting the area where the cooking items hang a slightly different color, rather than outlining them with marker. I want one someday in Martha Stewart Blue to match my mixer. (And recipe card holder, and teapot, and dish towels I love that color.)

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  1. Am I your second commenter now? I just want to say the blog looks great, I always look forward to a new post from Jenna Sais Quois, and I can't wait to see Julie & Julia.