Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Piper Heidsieck

I live for this moment...where fantastic package design for a wine company reminds me of one of my favorite classic movies! 

I was getting my daily dose of The Dieline when I came across a design for the Piper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage. It was the winner of the 2008 Diamond Pentaward Best of Show. 
I love the upside-down factor of this design. The bottle, is obviously the main event here...but I also love the attention to detail they've included by adding the upside-down functional ice bucket, as well as the upside-down wine/champagne glass. 

Here is a closer look at just the bottle, as well. I'd love to see it opened, so I can figure out exactly how that cork works...
And now, the movie it reminds me of: Every Girl Should Be Married starring Carey Grant and Betsy Drake. Piper Heidsieck is their favorite wine, particularly from the year 1933. Though, Betsy's character always pronounces it "peeper" Heidsieck by accident. 

The movie is a black & white story of a shopgirl, Miss Anabel Sims, who uses subterfuge and scientific research to try to entangle Dr. Madison Brown, a pediatrician. It's quite a zany comedy considering she tries to convince the doctor that she is actually dating her boss, a millionaire, but that he won't get marriage on the mind until he's convinced he has a rival. Well, in actuality, she is doing that very thing to the Dr. Brown as well. 

It's quite a sweet little movie, and really kind of a progressive idea for 1948, when it was made. 
The theme of it is, Why should women have to sit and wait around for the men to ask them out? Betsy Drake is just too perfect for words, and Carey Grant is as handsome as ever. 

I will definitely be letting you know when this movie is on the TCM schedule! 


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