Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Must-Have #1

I have always been very interested in Must-Have pieces for women in terms of both fashion and accessories. I received Nina Garcia's book, The One Hundred last year as a gift, and it completely inspired me. Though I don't feel that I need everything in that book, there are certain things she hit right on the head, so I have decided to start dedicating posts to my own personal Must-Have items in no particular order.

#1 Bright Leather Gloves

Why? Because there is nothing more luxe than a pair of leather gloves that are softer than butter, and keep your fingers toasty during the harsh winter months, while also making you look fabulous. I like them in bright colors because they are chic, unexpected, and instantly transform your black wool coat into an outerwear ensemble.

The gloves pictured above are from Tommy Hilfiger, and are lined with cashmere. The little bows on them are a detail that takes them from ordinary to extraordinary! I saw them on The Cut this morning, and fell in love. Also, if leather is not your thing, there are plenty of faux options that are just as soft and equally as beautiful.


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