Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Must-Have #8

This Must-Have item is one of the few I've blogged about that I don't actually own, myself. I am in the market for one this Winter! In terms of outerwear, I'm a firm believer that you should always let it work with your outfit, rather than against it. I love bold colors, and interesting fabrics but also appreciate the simplicity of basic black. However, there are some situations where a person is in dire need of this item

#8 Camel Coat
A camel coat is a staple because it is the perfect coat to wear when black just seems redundant (i.e. over an all-black outfit) or when white seems to contrasting. It also goes splendidly with brown or navy blue, which alone makes it a Must-Have. The best part is, it has the power to dress up jeans!

This particular coat is from Express, and it is slightly out of my price range at $168.00. Is it in your budget this Winter?


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